Root Rider Nerfed Again - Clash of Clans Balance Changes

Supercell's battle against the overpowering Root Riders continues with new balance changes. Will these tweaks finally tip the scales in favor of fairness? Let's delve into the details and see if Clash of Clans can regain its balance.
Root Rider Nerfed Again - Clash of Clans Balance Changes

Hey, Chief!

When Town Hall 16 Update came out and the powerful Root Riders joined the game, Clash of Clans had big problems as the game was so broken. Even though Supercell tried to fix things, they know more balance changes are needed. So, they're bringing out another round of balance changes to deal with the ongoing problems.

Balance Changes

  • Multi-Archer Tower:

    • Level 1 increased Damage per Second to 120
    • Level 2 increased Damage per Second to 130
  • Root Rider:

    • Level 1 decreased Damage to 190
    • Level 1 decreased Health to 6300
    • Level 2 decreased Damage to 210
    • Level 2 decreased Health to 6650
    • Level 3 decreased Damage to 230
    • Level 3 decreased Health to 7000
  • Apprentice Warden:

    • Level 1 decreased HP Increase to 20%
    • Level 2 decreased HP Increase to 22%
    • Level 3 decreased HP Increase to 24%
    • Level 4 decreased HP Increase to 26%
  • Spirit Fox:

    • Increased visible time at all levels to 6 seconds

Another ROOT RIDER NERF: But They're Still OP?! Clash of Clans Balance Changes TH16

▶️ Today we see some interesting balance changes implemented in the game! Root Riders, the apprentice warden and spirit fox all received sizeable nerfs whereas the multi archer tower got a nice buff! Will this change the meta? Hooked thinks not when he shows that RR valk spam is still strong.


As Supercell makes what they say are the last balance changes, Clash of Clans players are waiting to see what happens. The big problem has been the super strong Root Riders, so changes are being made to fix that. But will these changes be enough?

We'll have to wait and see. As players, we need to accept these changes and change how we play the game. Will things get back to normal in Clash of Clans? We'll find out soon. Let's try out these changes ourselves and see how they affect the game.

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