Welcome Kenny Jo! 🏆

New Content Creator Joins the Blue Family!
Welcome Kenny Jo! 🏆 - Blueprint CoC
Huge day for Blueprint Today! We are glad to announce that we have Kenny Jo
One of the biggest Creators in Clash joining the  BLUE Family!

He covers all things Clash of Clans and Live Stream both Top End eSports & quirky base development streams to encourage free consistent gameplay that leads to passionate competitive players!

He is now part of our CONTENT CREATOR Team and we will be collaborating with him!

And to celebrate this, we have our Classic GIVEAWAY!!! This time also for Discord so x2 
10$ Gift Card  & a Gold Pass

:JoBarb:To participate to the first giveaway just join both servers & React  :JoBarb:

 :Twitter: To participate to the second just follow the steps in the Tweet https://twitter.com/BlueprintCoC/status/1589270614917148673

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