Welcome XBB! 🏆

New Content Creator Joins the Blue Family!
Welcome XBB! 🏆 - Blueprint CoC
A magical day for Blueprint Today! So Proud & Excited to announce that we have XBB | X Team, One of the Best Pro Players, a Pro  Magician & a Content Creator in Clash joining the BLUE Family!

He covers Clash of Clans & Live Streams, being one of the Top Pushers this Season; he also streams his Legends Hits & Teaches new Strategies in Chinese! He is the kind of guy to be a fan of; make sure to Subscribe to his YT Channel.

And to celebrate this, we have our Classic  GIVEAWAY!!! 
10$ Gift Card  & a Gold Pass

To participate just follow the steps in the Tweet https://twitter.com/BlueprintCoC/status/1591866419553398784
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