Celebrating 🥳 30K Subscribers on YouTube!

Thank you all for such an amazing support on YouTube!
Celebrating 30K Subscribers on YouTube - By BlueprintCoC

Hey everyone! We are absolutely thrilled to announce that our YouTube channel has crossed a significant milestone!

Celebrating 30K Subscribers on YouTube!

🥳 It’s an amazing feeling to know that so many of you find our content valuable and engaging, and we are incredibly grateful for your support. As a team, we work tirelessly to create videos that are informative, educational, and entertaining!

, , & are our Stars by helping us pump out One NEW VIDEO every day in March even with so many challenges! We will try our best to keep that streak throughout 2023!  

🥰 None of this would be possible without you, our community. Your engagement, your feedback, and your encouragement have been instrumental in helping us grow and improve.  

💌 So, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Thank you for your support, your loyalty, and your enthusiasm.

Thank you for 30K Subscribers on YouTube - By BlueprintCoC

😲 More than 2 Million views and growing, we will keep making excellent content for You all and leveling it up with our upcoming videos!

🎉 But, a significant milestone like this deserves a magnificent celebration!  

➡️ Get Ready for A BLUE PARTY! ⬅️


Celebrating 30K Subscribers on YouTube - By BlueprintCoC

🪩 To celebrate the 30K Subscribers on YouTube, we are organizing a special live event this Sunday that you won't want to miss.  

🎁 During the event, we will be giving away many exciting prizes to the community as a way of saying thank you for your continued support. Prizes will include 3 30$ Gift Cards and 3 Gold Passes.  

⏲️ 16th APRIL - 7:30 AM CEST/ 11:00 AM IST  In addition, we will also have live legends hits of 36 Super Barbarians from TK and Super Archer Lalo hits from Sawan (Number 2 in the World)!  

🎊Join the partyhttps://youtube.com/live/_2nP6n4E1A4 🎊

🤗 If the time is not good for you, you can always watch it later and comment on the video! We will be giving one of the prizes after the live event!

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