Discover the Best TH10 Base Layouts of 2024

STOP the Search!! Grab the Top 30 Best TH10 Base Layouts of the current meta. Use these TH10 Base Links to dominate in Clash of Clans, whether is CWL, Legend League, War or protecting your resources with our Hybrid bases.
Discover the Best TH10 Base Layouts of 2023

Introducing the Best TH10 Base Links (CWL/Hybrid/War/Legend) 

Prepare to be blown away by the ultimate selection of Town Hall 10 bases that will revolutionise your gameplay. Introducing the highly anticipated "Blueprint CoC Bases of 2024" article, where we unveil the crème de la crème of base designs exclusively crafted by the Blueprint CoC Base Builders.

From dominating Clan War Leagues to ingenious Hybrid bases, impenetrable War bases, and even Legends League supremacy, we've left no stone unturned in curating this phenomenal lineup. Brace yourself for a visual feast as we showcase the 30 most exceptional bases that Blueprint CoC has to offer.

It's time to elevate your Clash of Clans experience to unprecedented heights. Get ready to unravel the secrets behind these awe-inspiring blueprints and discover the perfect foundation for your TH10 account. Don't miss out on this game-changing opportunity. Your victory awaits!

Stop Searching! Find Your Perfect TH10 Base with Ease!

Halt your Base search right now and save your precious time. Do not waste time on scrolling through the web searching for TH10 Base links as we are here to help you with the Top TH10 Bases of the current meta.

Stop your search right now! You are on the right place. We provide you with not 1 or 2 but the Top 30 Best Bases of TH10.

Discover Your Perfect Base Style from the Top 30 Blueprint CoC TH10 Bases!

Are you on the hunt for the ultimate TH10 base that perfectly matches your playstyle? Look no further! Whether you're a Legends League conqueror, a War Strategist, a Clan War League Champion, or a Trophy-Pushing Enthusiast, Blueprint CoC has precisely what you're seeking.

Prepare to be amazed as we unveil our handpicked selection of the Top 30 Blueprint CoC TH10 Bases Layouts. From top-tier defense strategies to flawless trophy push designs, we've curated an assortment of bases that cater to every conceivable style.

It's time to seize the advantage and claim your victory in Clash of Clans. Don't settle for mediocre bases when greatness awaits. Explore our collection and find the TH10 base of your dreams. The path to triumph starts here!


Top 30 TH10 Bases ▶️ Blueprint CoC

Join us as we explore these incredible bases designed to dominate in CWL, Hybrid, War, and Legend leagues. From clever trap placements to strategic defenses, each base offers a unique approach to fortifying your village. Watch the video embedded below to discover the best bases for ultimate protection and gain inspiration for your own Clash of Clans gameplay. Don't miss out on this epic showcase of base-building brilliance!

TOP 30 Best TH10 Blueprint CoC BASES of 2024 (CWL/Hybrid/War/Legend) with Link

Check out the Top 30 Best TH10 Blueprint Base Layouts from the video and note the ones you like the most. After that, just go to our YouTube video and get the base links in the description or in the comments.

  • Base 1: Trophy Base
    This base, built by Diablo, features a unique triangular layout with three airbows forming a strong defense. The Town Hall is placed on the opposite side, isolated by a single structure. A well-positioned Tesla Farm adds an extra layer of defense to this base.
  • Base 2: War Base
    With its compact and square design, this base presents an interesting anti-freeze setup. The walls are strategically placed in square patterns, making it a challenging base to attack. Its compactness adds to its defensive strength.
  • Base 3: CWL Base
    This diamond-shaped base includes an open corner at six o'clock, surrounded by walls and defensive structures. It features multiple walls between the singles, creating a base that can be attacked from 12 o'clock. The base design is intriguing and offers a strong defense against enemy attacks.
  • Base 4: War Base
    This base takes the form of a box and Anti-3 design, with the Town Hall positioned opposite the Clan Castle. The compact layout and strategic placement of defenses make it difficult for attackers to breach. It presents a formidable challenge for opponents in war scenarios.
  • Base 5: War Base
    With a combination of box and Anti-3 design, this base showcases a unique layout. The Town Hall is placed on the opposite side of the CC, and sweepers are strategically positioned to protect the Town Hall. The compactness of the base and the positioning of defenses make it a solid choice for war scenarios.
  • Base 6: CWL Base
    Featuring a diamond-shaped layout, this base has a distinct design with an open corner at six o'clock. The base is filled with walls between the singles, creating multiple compartments and a strong defense. The base design offers interesting possibilities for defensive strategies.
  • Base 7: Trophy Base
    This amazing trophy base showcases a creative setup with isolated 80s and bows. It incorporates dead zones and features an open moat at six o'clock, along with a Tesla farm. The unique design and strategic placement of defenses make it an exceptional choice for trophy pushing.
  • Base 8: War Base
    Built by Mohsen, this war base boasts an interesting setup with an isolated Town Hall at 12 o'clock. The outer perimeter of the base includes a red farm and decorative elements, adding to its visual appeal. The strategic design and layout of defenses make it an intriguing choice for war scenarios.
  • Base 9: Hybrid Base
    This base presents a new design with all the storages positioned in the core. Sweepers and a Tesla Farm adds an extra layer of defense. The base showcases an innovative layout, making it an attractive option for hybrid gameplay.
  • Base 10: Hybrid Base
    Built by Maxi, this diamond-shaped base features singles, air bows, and spread-out Teslas on the outer perimeter. The base design focuses on providing effective defense against different types of attacks. It offers a balanced approach for hybrid playstyles.
  • Base 11: War Base
    Featuring an intriguing layout of walls, this base incorporates corridors around the Bomb Tower and isolated multi-infernos on the left side. The Town Hall and the Clan Castle are positioned in close proximity, and the Queen sweepers add to the overall defensive strategy.
  • Base 12: War Base
    Mohsen's base design presents a square layout with two wizard towers close together. The base includes Royals in the core, surrounded by defenses of minimal value. This unique base design offers an unconventional defensive approach.
  • Base 13: Trophy Base
    This trophy base features a Town Hall positioned in the core, surrounded by two moats and isolated multis. Tesla farms strategically placed around the Royals further enhance the defensive capabilities of this base. It offers a solid defense while maintaining an aesthetic appeal.
  • Base 14: Hybrid Base
    This base showcases a common diamond layout, with the Town Hall placed at six o'clock, fully exposed. The single and multi-infernos are symmetrically placed, along with big compartments housing gold storages. The base design provides a balanced approach for hybrid gameplay.
  • Base 15: Clan War Base
    This diamond-shaped base presents a compact and long layout with open corners at 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock. The core contains isolated multis, while the Town Hall is fully exposed at six o'clock. The base design focuses on strong defense against clan wars.
  • Base 16: Trophy Base
    This base follows a long and open design with corners at 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock. The moats create isolated compartments, and the core is well-protected with the presence of the Clan Castle. It offers a unique layout with a compact core, making it an intriguing trophy base.
  • Base 17: War Base
    With an interesting entry design and an open compartment for the Clan Castle and Queen, this base offers a strong defense. The single and multi-infernos are positioned on the opposite side, and the sweepers work in tandem to create a formidable defense.
  • Base 18: Hybrid Base
    In this hybrid base, the Town Hall and early storages are protected, while the multi-inferno is placed on the other side. The remaining storages are spread out within a large compartment. This base design emphasizes defense while ensuring the safety of resources.
  • Base 19: Trophy Base
    Featuring completely isolated Town Hall singles on either side, this base utilizes classic square ITs placement. The Clan Castle is positioned at 12 o'clock, offering additional defense. The base design emphasizes a strong defense strategy, particularly for trophy pushing.
  • Base 20: Trophy Base
    With a unique structure, this base includes paired bow multis and an exposed Town Hall at 12 o'clock. The surprise element comes from the placement of Teslas. The base design offers an intriguing defensive setup that can catch attackers off guard.
  • Base 21: Clan War Base
    This base presents an interesting diamond open design, resembling a hybrid base. The Town Hall is positioned outside, while the three multis are placed in the core, with one being centrally located. This base design offers a balanced approach for clan war scenarios.
  • Base 22: Anti-2 Base
    Featuring an empty area at 12 o'clock with no walls, this base focuses on protecting the Town Hall with multis positioned on the core. The Royals and the Clan Castle are strategically placed on the opposite side, and Tesla farms offer additional defense.
  • Base 23: CWL Base
    Built by Mohsen, this base incorporates stone cloud sets, with the Clan Castle positioned close to the Queen on one side. The other side contains multiple defenses, including three bows, the King, and an extended line of Archer Towers. This base design offers unique defensive possibilities.
  • Base 24: Hybrid Base
    Created by the great Gaston, this base includes two single-target infernos positioned in the core. The Queen is placed at 12 o'clock, and Teslas surround the base. The base design offers a strategic layout with a focus on defense.
  • Base 25: War Base
    In this diamond-shaped base, the Town Hall is positioned in the core, while sweepers push the singles. The bows are placed separately, and the base includes multiple buildings within the core. Its compactness and strategic defenses make it a formidable war base.
  • Base 26: War Base
    Featuring a long compartment with isolated multis, this base creates a strong defense. The Town Hall is positioned at 12 o'clock, and the Royals are located in the core. The base design offers an interesting layout with strategic defense placements.
  • Base 27: Hybrid Base
    As the last hybrid base on our list, this base features a well-spread placement of resources, protecting them from goblin attacks. The core is cleansed by moats, providing additional protection to the resources. The base design focuses on efficient resource management and defense.
  • Base 28: Trophy Base
    This trophy base presents an interesting setup with unique dead zones. The single and multi-infernos are positioned next to the Clan Castle, and the Royals and King protect the Queen. The base design offers an intriguing defensive strategy.
  • Base 29: CWL Base
    Built by Mohsen, this base includes the Clan Castle and Queen together, with sweepers pushing from each side. The single at nine o'clock is completely isolated from the outside, and a well-placed multi-inferno is located at six o'clock. The base design offers a strong defensive setup.
  • Base 30: CWL Base
    In this CWL base, an attitude Town Hall is placed next to the Queen, ensuring its protection. Tesla's surround the six to nine multis, adding an extra layer of defense. The base design offers an effective defensive strategy with well-protected key structures.



We have now presented the top 30 Blueprint CoC Bases of 2024 for Town Hall 10 in Clash of Clans. Each base offers its unique design and defensive strategies to help you protect your village in various game modes, including CWL, Hybrid, War, and Legend leagues.

We hope you enjoyed exploring these bases and found inspiration for your own village layout. Remember, selecting the right base is crucial for defending against enemy attacks and securing victories in Clash of Clans.

In the video description, you can find links to each base, allowing you to easily access and implement them in your account. We encourage you to watch the video carefully and choose your favorite base by leaving a comment with its corresponding number.

Let's determine the crowd's favorite base together! Your feedback and engagement are greatly appreciated. Stay tuned for future episodes of Blueprint, as we continue to bring you the best bases for Clash of Clans.

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey through the top 30 blueprint bases of 2024. We look forward to seeing you in the next episode of Blueprint. Don't hold back, Clash on!

Note: The information and bases presented in this blog post  are intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. The effectiveness of these bases may vary depending on updates and changes in Clash of Clans gameplay.


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