The Best TH10 War Base (Anti 3 Star) of 2024 with Link

Prepare to strike fear into the hearts of your opponents with our undefeated Town Hall 10 War Base, boasting an unbeatable combination of non-stop defenses!

The Best Blueprint CoC TH10 War Base Link of 2023

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Are you tired of your Town Hall 10 base getting wrecked in wars and searching for a base design that can stand up against the toughest attacks? Look no further! In this blog, we present to you the unbeaten New TH10 War Base that is designed to withstand the most crucial attacks and will revolutionize your war game. Gear up to conquer the TH10 war field.

Be Victorious with the Best CoC TownHall 10 War Base Design

Clash of Clans is a world of epic battles, strategic alliances, and thrilling victories! As you upgrade and move to Town Hall 10, you embark on a journey that will test your skills and ability to defend what's rightfully yours. The Inferno Towers which first unlock at TownHall 10 provides a new view for players below TH10. In this blog, we will have a look at the ultimate TH10 war base that is specifically designed to withstand the strongest attacks and secure your clan's victory. Prepare to witness the strongest TH10 War Base.

The Ultimate Clash of Clans Town Hall 10 War Base of 2024

A strong defense is the cornerstone of victory in the world of Clash of Clans. Our expertly designed Town Hall 10 war base provides you with awesome defenses that put your opponents in struggle. The success of this base is due to the well placed traps and defensive structures which ensures you to secure immense defenses. Each part of the base is built with precision which makes it hard even for the best attackers to clear the base.

Stun your opponents with the Best TH10 War Base Layout

The Clash of Clans gameplay is not just about awesome attacks but also about holding strong defenses against your enemies! Our TH10 war base helps you with unimaginable defenses, empowering you to emerge victorious on the battlefield. With good placement of defensive structures, traps and carefully designed kill zones, this war base ensures that it holds the best defenses and is impossible to anticipate. Prepare to unleash your full might upon the enemy while keeping your own base secure.

In the upcoming sections of this blog, we will learn more information of our Town Hall 10 War Base, revealing its hidden strength and defensive capabilities. Get ready to conquer, Clashers, as we equip you with the ultimate weapon in your quest for the best TH10 war base in Clash of Clans!


The Best TH10 Anti 3 Star War Base with Link ▶️ Blueprint CoC

Alright, no more introductions! Let's jump right into the proof of why this is the best TH10 War Base by highlighting its real defenses in wars. The video below presents the evidence and explains why it defends effectively, so you can pick up some valuable insights!

The ULTIMATE TH10 ANTI 3 STAR BASE with LINK 2024 | Town Hall 10 War Base ANALYSIS + PROOF Replays

➡️ This time, we have a really creative Town Hall 10 Anti 3-star Base Layout built from Scratch and ready for WAR by one of our TH10 Base Builders at Blueprint CoC - (Mohsen)

👀 Hope you enjoy paying attention to the details since you can get into the builder's mind and follow his thinking. It is also a fantastic way to learn CoC Base Building at the highest level.

Builder: Mohsen
CC: 1 Hound + 1 Loon
Base Link:

Know why this is the best TH10 War Base

Double Trouble: Single Inferno Build

In the current Clash meta, the double single Inferno build reigns supreme, and for good reason. This setup excels against spam attacks, especially those deploying heavy DPS troops like dragons or mass Pekka. But what makes this base truly stand out is its ability to fend off both Siege and non-Siege attackers alike.

Strategic Layout

Notice how the Town Hall cunningly nestles in a far corner, disrupting blimp and wall wrecker pathing, thus throwing a wrench into attackers' plans right from the start.

Centralized Firepower

A centralized Clan Castle (CC) and ground bow bolster the defense, particularly supporting Queen charges with added DPS. Meanwhile, a no-fly zone is established on the right flank, fortified by air defenses, Archer Towers, and a sneaky red bomb stack.

Unconventional Yet Potent: Tesla Farm

Here's where things get interesting. Mosen incorporates an interior Tesla Farm, a surprising twist not commonly seen in base designs. This unconventional strategy not only catches attackers off guard but also provides significant DPS and trap placement opportunities, especially when nestled alongside high HP structures like the Town Hall.

Town Hall 10 War Base with Best Defenses

Defense Replay 1:

In our first defense replay, we witness a classic five-healer Queen charge Laloon. While the initial setup is impeccable, the attacker falters when faced with multiple high DPS defenses, leading to a catastrophic balloon loss and a thwarted assault.

Defense Replay 2:

Switching gears, our second replay showcases a different take on the Queen charge Laloon. Despite a valiant effort, the attacker struggles to predict the Queen's path amidst a labyrinth of trash, ultimately falling short against the base's formidable defenses.

Defense Replay 3:

Lastly, a ground army makes its move with a go wipe strategy, aiming to exploit the base's vulnerabilities. However, even with minimal funneling, the attacker finds themselves thwarted by the cunning placement of Tesla farms and skeleton traps.


In the Clash of Clans battlefield, base design is the ultimate key to victory. With strategic layouts and unconventional tactics, builders like Mosen redefine the art of defense. Rise above the competition and embrace the power of this Best TH10 war base! Don't miss out on this opportunity to dominate the war scene like never before.


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