TownHall 16 Mass Dragons Attack Strategy Guide

Ready to turn your dragons into unstoppable Clash superheroes? Our guide spills the secrets of the TH16 Mass Dragons with Healing Tome strategy. Simple steps, double rage, and a sprinkle of clone spell magic.
TownHall 16 Mass Dragons Attack Strategy Guide

Hey, Clashers!

Tired of staring at those intimidating Town Hall 16 bases, wondering if victory is a mere myth? Well, fret no more, brave warriors, for we've stumbled upon a secret weapon so potent, it'll have those defenses crumbling faster than a Goblin on a sugar rush! It's not a fancy siege machine, nor a mystical spell – it's the mighty Mass Dragons, fueled by the Healing Tome, and they're ready to melt Town Halls with our easy guide like butter on a hot spatula!

Mass Dragons with Healing Tome at TownHall 16

Forget flimsy Valkyries and finicky Electro Dragons! Mass Dragons with the Healing Tome are the new power couple on the block. Imagine an endless swarm of winged beasts, their fiery breath melting defenses like cheese on a pizza, all while the Healing Tome acts like a magical medic, keeping them in the fight longer than a hog on a joyride. You haven't truly experienced Town Hall 16 dominance until you've witnessed this ferocious duo in action!

Easy Town Hall 16 Attack Strategy: Zap, Clone, and Conquer!

Simplicity meets power in this strategy – no need for complex troop combinations or elaborate spell sequences. We're talking lightning spells to zap those pesky Sweepers that mess with your dragon dance, Clone Spells to conjure temporary dragon doppelgangers and chew through tough defenses, and hero equipment like the King's Gauntlet (think force field of awesome) and Queen's Healer Puppet (just in case) to tip the scales in your favor. This ain't rocket science, folks – it's dragon domination made easy!

Easy TownHall 16 Army: Dragons Rule, Everything Else Drools

Forget the hodgepodge of troops of yesteryear! This attack thrives on minimalism. Just grab a horde of hungry dragons, a couple of lightning spells, a Clone Spell for good measure, and you're good to go. No need for bulky Giants, sneaky Goblins, or fragile Archers – these dragons are a self-sufficient wrecking crew, ready to paint the landscape with the flames of victory!

But wait, there's more! To truly master this fiery inferno, let's dive into the key ingredients of this dragon-powered recipe:


▶️ How to do Mass Dragons at TownHall 16?

You might be thinking, "I've got the Mass Dragons Attack down pat." Well, guess what? We've moved past TH15 into the big leagues of TH16, where things are spiced up with snazzy new defenses, Hero Equipments and attack strategies as well. Sure, you could stick to the old ways, but what if we told you the new Hero Equipments can amp up your game? It's time to check out this guide and level up your Clash skills!

MASS DRAGS with HEALING TOME is EASY and OP at TH16 | Best Attack Strategy Clash of Clans Guide

▶️ With the new level to Dragons at Town Hall 16 this army was always going to be strong. But added with the healing tome and this army is simply unstoppable, as Hooked will show you today.

Army Link: 

The Zap That Sweeper Dance

Our adventure begins with a dance – a zap dance! Grab those two lightning spells and choose which sweeper you want to give the old zippity-zap treatment. Now, we know what you're thinking – "Why zap a sweeper?" Well, my Clash comrades, it's all about that sweet value. Once zapped, we come in from the back like surprise party guests, ready to wreak havoc.

Spread Those Dragons Like Butter

Take a moment to appreciate the spread – not of your morning toast, but of those majestic dragons. No need to herd them all into the base's core; let some roam, let some loons join the party. Double rage is the name of the game here, folks. Early and mighty, like a Clash wizard who's had one too many elixir drinks. Delay that Warden ability – let the blimp cross, let the dragons taste a bit of damage. After all, we've got a healing tome waiting to bring them back to life.

Clone Spells and Gauntlets

Behold the magic of the clone spell! It's like having a Clash magician in your pocket, duplicating loons and wrecking defenses left and right. The gauntlet with the King is our secret weapon, the kind of hero equipment that makes other heroes jealous. If you don't have the gauntlet, fear not – the Barbarian puppet and rage can still make you feel like a Clash superhero.

Swagging Royals and Freezing Spells: Because We Can

As we conquer base after base, feel free to swag the Royal champion and freeze spell like you're at a Clash party, tossing abilities around just for the thrill of it. The Queen? Well, she's on a wall-breaking spree, but honestly, who needs her ability when the dragons are doing all the heavy lifting?

Dragon Power Unleashed

Let's talk about the star of the show – the dragons. With their shiny new level at Town Hall 16, they've become the Clash version of invincible superheroes. The healing tome turns them into the Avengers, ready to take on any base without breaking a sweat. This strategy is so straightforward; even your Grandma's P.E.K.K.A could execute it flawlessly.

Lucky Breaks and Unbelievable Moments

Did Lady Luck grace us with her presence? Perhaps, but we're not here to rely on luck alone. Whether it's zapping sweepers or activating town halls with balloon acrobatics, we're prepared for everything. And let's not forget the Gauntlet – taking hits like a superhero and making you question why you haven't maxed it out yet.

A Surprise at Every Turn

As we take down diamond bases and ring bases alike, remember the unexpected joy of seeing a balloon trigger the town hall. It's like finding an extra cherry on top of your Clash sundae – completely unexpected but oh-so-sweet.

Mass Dragons with Healing Tome: Quick Guide

We bet this section will totally help you as it's straight forward!
  1. Zap the Sweeper: Use two lightning spells to zap the chosen sweeper, creating a path for your dragons.

  2. Spread Dragons: Release dragons, allowing some to roam the sides and others to dive into the core.

  3. Early Double Rage: Throw in double rage spells early to boost dragon firepower and dismantle outer defenses.

  4. Delay Warden's Ability: Hold off on the Warden's ability. Let the blimp do its work and allow dragons to take initial damage.

  5. Clone Spell Magic: Deploy the clone spell strategically to duplicate loons, taking down key defenses around the Town Hall.

  6. Gauntlet Glory: If equipped with the Gauntlet, let your King bask in the glory of reduced damage and superhero-like resilience.

  7. Swag Royals and Freeze Spells: Feel free to swag Royal champion abilities and freeze spells strategically for the finishing touch.

Follow these precise steps, and watch as your dragons dominate TH16 bases effortlessly. Clash on!


In conclusion, Clashers, Mass Drags with Healing Tome is the game-changer we never knew we needed. It's like bringing a dragon to a Clash sword fight – just too much firepower for the poor bases to handle. So, if you're looking for an attack strategy that's easy, effective, and downright entertaining, look no further. The dragons have spoken, and they're roaring to victory! May your loot be plentiful, and your Clash journey filled with more dragons than you can count. Clash on!


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