The Best 3 TH16 Attack Strategies after Root Rider Nerf

Explore the best TH16 attack strategies after the Root Rider nerf. Learn from the best and dominate Clash of Clans with powerful, easy-to-execute attack strategies. Read more to master your attacks!
The Best 3 TH16 Attack Strategies after Root Rider Nerf

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This is a comprehensive guide on the best Town Hall 16 Attack Strategies for Clash of Clans in 2024. With the recent balance changes affecting Root Riders, it's crucial to adapt and find new effective tactics. Whether you're a seasoned player or just hitting TH16, this guide will help you navigate the updated gameplay dynamics and dominate your opponents with ease. Let's dive into the top strategies that will keep you ahead in the game.

Recent Balance Changes that Nerfed Root Riders

Supercell recently implemented balance changes that significantly impacted Root Riders. Their DPS (damage per second) was reduced by nearly half, and their HP (hit points) also saw a notable decrease. These changes make Root Riders less effective in attacks. For more details on these updates, check out our blog on the recent Balance Changes.

Adapting to New TH16 Attack Strategies After Root Rider Nerf

With the balance changes now in effect, players can no longer rely on Root Rider strategies as easily as before. The nerf has made these units weaker, reducing their effectiveness in battles. However, Root Riders can still be used strategically, although it's more challenging. Many players prefer simpler strategies, prompting us to create this blog revealing the top three best Town Hall 16 Attack Strategies after the Root Rider nerf.


▶️ Top 3 Best Town Hall 16 Armies with Links

Here are the top three Town Hall 16 attack strategies that are straightforward to master and execute. Our expert, Hooked, breaks down each tactic to help you dominate the battlefield swiftly. These strategies are powerful despite their simplicity, earning them a spot in our top three. Sit back, learn, and prepare to deliver a powerful comeback!

TOP 3 TH16 Attack Strategies after ROOT RIDER NERF | EASIEST Town Hall 16 ARMY with LINKS CoC

Today Hooked shows his top 3 which includes Mass Dragons, Fireball/Warden Charge with Rocket balloons and Mass Root Rider Double Overgrowth Ground Spam! Here's the breakdown of all those strategies!

1. Mass Dragons

Mass Dragons are an under-utilized yet powerful attack strategy at Town Hall 16. The key to success with this strategy is using the Flame Flinger to clear out a corner of the base. Start by deploying a Giant and a few Barbarians and Archers to support the Flame Flinger. Your primary focus should be on destroying the Wizard Tower, Archer Tower, and multi-target Inferno Tower. After setting up the funnel with the King and Queen on the opposite side, direct your Dragons straight into the Town Hall.

  • Army Composition: Include Dragons and Balloons, and use Freeze and Rage spells effectively.
  • Execution Tips: Use the Warden’s ability early to protect your Balloons and Dragons from the Town Hall’s blast. Keep your Royal Champion in reserve to clear out backend defenses, especially the Air Defenses.

CC: 10 Loons or 2 Dragons 2 Loons, 2 Freeze and a Poison Spell
Mass Dragons Army Link:


2. Fireball Warden Charge into Mass Rocket Balloon

The Fireball Warden Charge into Mass Rocket Balloon strategy is another highly effective method. Start with a Warden charge, supported by a Flame Flinger. Use Rocket Balloons to take down critical defenses like the Mortar and ensure your Flame Flinger gets value.

  • Army Composition: Warden, Rocket Balloons, King, and Queen, supported by spells like Rage, Freeze, and Invisibility.
  • Execution Tips: Keep the King and Queen away from the Warden to prevent them from pulling him off his path. Deploy the King to target the Town Hall, while the Queen supports clearing other structures.

CC: 2 Yetis, 1 Valk, 2 Sneaky Gobs, 2 Invis and 1 Freeze Spell
Army Link:


3. Root Rider Overgrowth Spam

Despite the nerf, the Root Rider Overgrowth Spam remains the top strategy, especially effective on ring bases with Rage or Poison Towers. Begin by targeting high-damage areas and use the Warden’s ability early to keep troops alive.

  • Army Composition: Root Riders, Valkyries, supported by Overgrowth and Rage spells.
  • Execution Tips: Deploy Overgrowth spells to prolong troop survival, and use the Royal Champion to support weaker pushes. The strategy works well by combining the Root Rider’s strength with the Valkyries’ damage output. 

CC: 6 Valks, 2 Gobs or 2 Yetis, 1 Valk, 2 Sneaky Gobs, 2 Freeze and 1 Skelly Spell
TH16 Root Rider Overgrowth Army Link:

Hero Equipment

  • Mass Dragons: Standard combo with Healing Tome.
  • Fireball Warden Charge: Level 18 Fireball, max Rage Vile.
  • Root Rider Overgrowth: Spiky Ball or Frozen Arrow.

Each strategy is tailored for different base types, ensuring you’re prepared for any layout. Experiment with these tactics to find the perfect fit for your playstyle.


Navigating the new landscape of Town Hall 16 requires flexibility and a willingness to adapt to Supercell's balance changes. While the Root Rider nerf has shaken up many traditional strategies, the attack methods we've covered here offer powerful alternatives to ensure your success. Remember to experiment with these tactics and find what works best for your playstyle. Stay updated with our blog for more tips and strategies, and keep pushing towards victory in Clash of Clans!


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