Discover the Best TH9 Base Layouts of 2024

Grab the Top 30 Best TH9 Base Layouts of the current meta. Dominate the TH9 arena in Clash of Clans, whether is CWL, Legend League, War or protecting your resources with our Hybrid bases.
Discover the Best TH9 Base Layouts of 2023

Introducing the Best TH9 Base Links (CWL/Hybrid/War/Legend)

Get ready to be amazed by an incredible selection of Town Hall 9 bases that will transform your Clash of Clans experience. Welcome to the highly anticipated "Blueprint CoC Bases of 2024" article, where we reveal the best base designs built exclusively by the Blueprint CoC Base Builders.

Whether you're conquering Clan War Leagues, using Hybrid bases, protecting your loot in War, or striving for Legends League glory, we've got you covered. Prepare for a visual treat as we showcase the 30 most outstanding bases from Blueprint CoC.

It's time to take your Clash of Clans adventure to new heights. Discover the secrets behind these remarkable blueprints and find the perfect foundation for your TH9 account. Don't miss this game-changing opportunity – your victory is within reach!

Stop Searching! Find the Best CoC TownHall 9 Base Layout with Ease!

Put an end to your base-hunting journey and save your precious time. No more infinite scrolling through the web for TH9 Base links – we've got you covered with the top TH9 bases in the current meta.

You've come to the right place! We offer not just one or two but the top 30 best TH9 bases.

Discover Your Perfect Base Style among the Top 30 Blueprint CoC TH9 Bases!

Are you searching for the ultimate TH9 base that suits your playstyle perfectly? Look no further! Whether you're a War tactician, a Clan War League hero, or a Trophy-Pushing clasher, Blueprint CoC has exactly what you need.

Prepare to be amazed as we present our handpicked selection of the top 30 Blueprint CoC TH9 base layouts. From top-notch defense strategies to flawless trophy push designs, we've gathered a variety of bases that cater to every playstyle.

Seize the advantage and claim victory in Clash of Clans. Don't settle for average bases when greatness is at your fingertips. Explore our collection and discover the TH9 base of your dreams. The path to triumph begins right here!

But wait, who offers 30 Best TH9 Base Designs for free?

You might be wondering why anyone would give away so many bases for free. That's a fair question, but let's be honest here. Even the folks who made Clash of Clans, Supercell, can't promise a single base design that can defend against all types of attacks like War, Clan War Leagues, Trophy Pushing, or Farming. And guess what? We don't make that promise either.

Let's get this straight – we're not saying that our bases will make you invincible. Instead, we've put together a bunch of bases, each of which is really good at defending against specific types of attacks. We've got bases that excel in different situations, not one-size-fits-all solutions.

Since we've got bases for every kind of Clash of Clans gameplay, we've gathered the top 30 bases for you to choose from. It's up to you, the chief, to pick the base style that suits your needs best. So, no guarantees of invincibility here, but we've got options galore for you to beef up your defenses!


Top 30 TH9 Bases ▶️ Blueprint CoC

Come along with us as we check out these amazing bases built to rule in Clan War Leagues, Hybrid battles, regular Clan Wars. These bases aren't just walls and towers; they're tactical masterpieces designed to keep your village safe. Hit play on the video below to uncover the absolute best bases that'll give you top-tier protection and some cool ideas for your own Clash of Clans strategy. Don't skip this chance to witness some truly awesome base-building skills in action!

TOP 30 Best TH9 Blueprint CoC BASES of 2024 (CWL/Hybrid/War/Trophy) with Link | Clash of Clans

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  • Base 1: Trophy Base
    A compact layout with 9x9 compartments, the Town Hall and Clan Castle are well-protected in the core. Various defenses and Tesla farms are strategically placed throughout.

  • Base 2: War Base
    Designed for Clan Wars, this layout spreads compartments with a unique separation of the Town Hall and Clan Castle. The Queen's placement near the Clan Castle adds to its defensive strategy.

  • Base 3: Hybrid Base
    A flexible base suitable for different gameplay styles, incorporating both closed and open compartments, including one leading to the Clan Castle.

  • Base 4: Trophy Base
    Compact square layout with a line of walls dividing the base, challenging attackers. The core holds valuable resources, making it difficult to manage for attackers.

  • Base 5: War Base
    Geared for Clan Wars, featuring open compartments, the Queen, and Clan Castle together, posing a challenge to attackers. Also includes an interesting Tesla farm.

  • Base 6: Hybrid Base
    Designed for both farming and pushing, it spreads resources across the base, with two Air Defenses positioned near the Town Hall and sweepers defending against air attacks.

  • Base 7: Trophy Base
    Compact and square-shaped with a line of walls dividing the base. The Town Hall at 12 o'clock is surrounded by numerous storages, making it challenging for attackers.

  • Base 8: War Base
    Spread-out layout with open compartments, resembling a Town Hall 9 style. Features an interesting square design as a target for wall breakers.

  • Base 9: Hybrid Base
    Designed for farming and pushing, it minimizes resource losses by spreading them across the base. Strategically placed Air Defenses and sweepers defend against air attacks.

  • Base 10: Trophy Base
    Compact and square-shaped with the Clan Castle in the core to protect the Town Hall. Unique defensive arrangements and Tesla farms at 12 o'clock.

  • Base 11: War Base
    A diamond-shaped layout with open compartments at 12 and 6 o'clock. Features a unique defense strategy, with the Clan Castle positioned near sweepers that push in opposite directions.

  • Base 12: Trophy Base
    Symmetric and compact, designed with the Town Hall at 6 o'clock. An interesting layout with tough compartments and a challenging Tesla farm.

  • Base 13: Trophy Base
    Compact 9x9 style with a resource-filled core, making it hard for attackers to manage both sides. An inner line of compartments helps with funneling and an outer compartment with strong defenses.

  • Base 14: War Base
    A diamond-shaped war base with open compartments at 12 and 6 o'clock. The Clan Castle is positioned near sweepers that push to challenge air attacks.

  • Base 15: Clan War League Base
    Interesting isolations with one-tile compartments in the core and an effective arrangement of defenses. Sweepers push air troops toward the core.

  • Base 16: Trophy Base
    Compact and square-shaped, this base design is challenging to attackers. The core is filled with resources, and defenses are strategically placed.

  • Base 17: War Base
    Features a similar technique with open compartments and sweepers pushing at 12 and 6 o'clock. Designed for Clan Wars, it poses a challenge to attackers.

  • Base 18: War Base
    A library-style base that's totally square with modes. The Town Hall is positioned in the corner, and there's a challenging part at 6 o'clock with powerful defenses.

  • Base 19: Trophy Base
    An interesting layout with a challenging core and an isolated outer compartment. A unique three o'clock side with Archer Towers and Teslas adds to its defenses.

  • Base 20: War Base
    Another war-focused base with compact 9x9 compartments and the Town Hall positioned in the center. Resources are spread, and a Tesla farm is placed near the boats.

  • Base 21: Hybrid Base
    A creative and different base with modes and resources placed between defenses. The core features the Bow and a unique Tesla farm arrangement.

  • Base 22: Trophy Base
    A symmetric base design with the Town Hall positioned outside the core. The base appears like an old-style metal base with challenging sections at six o'clock.

  • Base 23: War Base
    A diamond-shaped war base with open compartments that flank the Town Hall at 12 and 6 o'clock. Symmetric design extends to Tesla placements and traps.

  • Base 24: Clan War League Base
    A creative base design with modes and 9x9 compartments. Resources are strategically placed, and a surprising Tesla farm near an Archer Tower challenges attackers.

  • Base 25: Trophy Base
    Features a spread-out core with the Town Hall at the center and resources distributed strategically. Sweepers push air troops at three o'clock, and a Tesla farm adds defense.

  • Base 26: War Base
    Appears as a square or box-shaped base with symmetric design. A unique open compartment at two o'clock holds storages and is challenging to manage for attackers.

  • Base 27: Hybrid Base
    An unconventional base design with a big isolation between the Town Hall and the Bow. Numerous traps and an interesting Tesla farm near the Queen add to its defensive strategy.

  • Base 28: War Base
    A square base with storages making it hard for the Queen to navigate. An array of storages creates an additional challenge for attackers.

  • Base 29: War Base
    Compact design with a Queen in the middle and storages around. Features a unique Tesla farm and is designed to challenge attackers.

  • Base 30: Clan War League Base
    Symmetric and box-like layout with the Town Hall positioned outside. The Queen and Clan Castle are in the core, and the base is suitable for Trophy pushing or Clan Wars.


We've just introduced you to the top 30 Blueprint CoC Bases of 2024 for Town Hall 9 in Clash of Clans. Each of these bases brings its own unique design and defensive strategies to help keep your village safe, whether you're in Clan War Leagues, going for a hybrid approach, battling in wars, or aiming for Legend League glory.

We hope you had a great time exploring these bases and got some fresh ideas for your village layout. Picking the right base is super important when it comes to fending off enemy attacks and securing those hard-earned victories in Clash of Clans.

You can easily access and use these bases through the links provided in the video description. We encourage you to watch the video closely and let us know your favorite base by leaving a comment with its corresponding number.

Let's work together to determine the crowd's favorite base! Your feedback and participation mean the world to us. Stay tuned for more exciting episodes of Blueprint, where we'll keep bringing you the absolute best bases for Clash of Clans.

Thank you for joining us on this thrilling journey through the top 30 blueprint bases of 2024. We can't wait to see you in the next episode of Blueprint. Keep clashing, and don't hold back!

Please note: The information and bases shared in this blog post are meant for entertainment and informational purposes only. The effectiveness of these bases may vary depending on updates and changes in Clash of Clans gameplay.


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