The Best CoC TH9 Troll Base Link of 2024

Experience a new style of gaming in Clash of Clans where you don't just get defenses but also watch hilarious replays of your opponents being fooled or baited.
The Best CoC TH9 Troll Base Link of 2024

Hi Chief,

Are you bored of the regular Clash of Clans gameplay and looking for a base design that not only defends against attacks but also provides hilarious and entertaining replays? Do you want to experience something fun beyond just defending or attacking in the Clan wars or the Multiplayer battles or the Clan War Leagues or Legends League? 

What is a Clash of Clans Troll Base?

The concept of the TH9 troll base is to create a layout that tricks attackers into making poor decisions. Basically, a troll base makes an attacker to look silly while keeping your base completely safe against enemy attacks. The troll base design usually looks easy or different overall, however, it is also filled with traps and hidden surprises, that the attacker won't be expecting.

Get entertained using the Best CoC TH9 Troll Base

Understanding the concept of a troll base is now within your grasp, but you may still be curious about how it actually operates. Fear not, for it is not a complicated mathematical equation or rocket science; it is as straightforward as it sounds. Our skilled builders, with their expertise in defense and deep knowledge of game mechanics, use these advantages to build the troll bases. They cleverly manipulate the troops' AI (artificial intelligence), bait specific attack strategies, and employ similar other tactics to deceive and outwit opponents.

Does the Town Hall 9 Troll Base defend well?

The troll bases are built in such a way that they are quite different from the actual base building rules or sometimes they are bound to not follow the rules as the key aspect of a troll base is to provide funny defenses or replays. With this said, it does not mean these bases super easy to triple. The important note is that the troll bases are built in order to experience some fun amidst the serious wars and not built to completely focus on heavy defenses. It is better to avoid using these bases against experienced or high-skilled players as they might identify the loopholes and secure an easy 3 star.


The Best TH9 Troll Base  ▶️ Blueprint CoC

Get ready to baffle attackers with "The Best TH9 Troll Base." This deceptive layout will have them scratching their heads, making poor choices, and ultimately leaving empty-handed. The key to this troll base is to appear deceptively simple while hiding unexpected traps and surprises. With this TH9 troll base, you'll be giving attackers a run for their money while your precious resources stay safe.

The ULTIMATE TH9 TROLL/TEASER BASE with LINK 2024 | CoC Layout Speed BUILD + PROOF Replays

➡️ This time, we have a Town Hall 9 Base. An old-school TH9 Troll Layout built from Scratch by one of our TH9 Base Builders at Blueprint CoC: John

👀 Hope you enjoy it. Paying attention to the process is unique to look at since you can get in the builder's mind and follow his thinking, and it is also a fantastic way to learn CoC Base Building at the highest level.

Builder: John
CC: 1 Lavahound
Base Link:

Skeleton view
*Skeleton View*

Scout view
*Scout View*

Trap view
*Trap View*

The core of the TH9 Troll Base

The core compartment is the heart of the troll base. In this space, we place the Town Hall, Elixir storages, Gold storages, and Dark Elixir storage. The goal is to tempt attackers to deploy their troops in this area, thinking they will easily access the loot. Little do they know that the core is filled with traps such as hidden Teslas, giant bombs, seeking air mines, and more.

Countering Air attack strategies

To counter air-based attacks, it's essential to have a well-distributed air defense system and sweeper setup. By  placing air defenses within range of the core compartment, attackers using dragons or air troops will face resistance. This ensures that even if they manage to breach the initial defenses, they will have a hard time reaching the valuable resources in the core.

Sweepers are an important defensive structure that can disrupt the pathing of enemy troops. By placing sweepers in such a way that they blow the troops away from the core compartment, you can further frustrate them and make their attacks less effective. The goal is to keep the attackers away from the resources for as long as possible.

Defending Ground attack strategies

Cannons serve as your primary line of defense against the ground troops. They are spread throughout the base provide consistent damage to any ground units that breach the initial defenses. Mortars are excellent to deal with groups of low-health troops and placing them in such a way to cover different areas of the base punishes attackers who clump their troops together. Finally, the Bomb Tower provides an additional layer of splash damage against ground troops. Its explosive bombs can deal significant damage and disrupt the attacker's strategy.

Hilarious replays - Witch Attack

In one of the replays, an attacker falls into the trap and deploys a large number of witches as he won't expect the core compartment to be filled with traps and hidden Teslas. Within seconds, all the witches are wiped out, leaving the attacker stunned and defenseless. This humorous replay showcases the effectiveness of the troll/teaser base in catching unsuspecting attackers off guard.

Witches - 1

Witches - 2
*Witch Defense*

Hilarious replays - Mass Pekka Attack

Another amusing replay involves a mass Pekka attack. The attacker deploys their pekkas on the outside of the base, trying to bypass the core compartment. However, the base is designed to redirect troops towards the core, with strategically placed traps and defenses slowing down the pekkas. Despite their efforts, the pekkas fail to reach the valuable resources, leaving the attacker with a zero-star defense.

Pekka Defense
*Pekka Defense*

Hilarious replays - Dragon Attack

Lastly, a dragon attack is countered by the troll/teaser base. The attacker sends in a horde of dragons, supported by the queen. However, the air defenses and  sweepers prove to be too much for the dragons to handle. They are systematically taken down as they encounter the well-placed Archer Towers. This replay showcases the base's ability to defend against powerful air attacks.

*Dragons defense*


This TH9 troll base is a unique and entertaining layout that adds a new dimension to Clash of Clans. Its clever design and placement of defenses make it a formidable challenge for attackers while providing funny replays for viewers. Remember, the goal of this base is not necessarily to achieve high defensive wins but to create an enjoyable and entertaining experience for all. So why not give it a try and bring some laughter to your Clash of Clans battles? 


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While troll bases are primarily focused on providing fun by playing with the game mechanics, they won't work out against players of higher skill levels. It is because the best attackers would identify the weakness of these base and find a way to triple the bases easily. So, if you are here is search of a War Base, the best option is to get a Custom base.

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