Regarding our Custom Bases, every design has a 1-time guarantee if it's tripled on the first use; if the layout is not made for wars, the guarantee will be based on the performance. This guarantee no longer stands after 10 days unless large orders or particular situations. Guarantees only apply to custom-made designs. 

Base Packs are excluded from the guarantee and therefore are non-refundable. 

For you to claim your guarantee or report an issue with your base, you have to do it through our Discord Server; once you join, you need to look for a channel called 🛠┋┋help-support in the Category BP Services and click on the emoji below the picture, after that a private channel will open up in the bottom of the server. Once you are there, send a screenshot of the confirmation email of your order alongside the video proof of the base you are trying to replace or a 2-day defense log if it's a Legends League Base.

If you have any questions about how to join discord or anything else, you can also use our Contact Us page.

Related to our Coaching Sessions, you will need to be in our Discord Server to be able to join a voice channel with each Pro Player, so if you have any complaints or need your money back, you can let us know there. Our Coaching Sessions always end up with happy customers, and we haven't had any complaints regarding Coaching before. Our Coaches will take care of you well.

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