Space Hero Skins & Scenery - March Gold Pass

Discover the magic of March's Clash of Clans Gold Pass! Experience the awesome Space Hero skins and stunning scenery for an epic Clash adventure!
Space Hero Skins & Scenery - March Gold Pass

Hey, Chief!

Welcome aboard the Gold Pass Chronicles, your monthly guide to all things gleaming, golden, and Clash-tastic! If you're part of the Clash of Clans community, chances are you've heard about the captivating Gold Pass. What's the buzz? Let's dive into this treasure trove and uncover the secrets of Clashville!

Introducing the Clash of Clans Gold Pass

The Gold Pass acts as your exclusive pass to a world of special perks, discounts, and fantastic rewards. It's like having your very own golden key to the Clash realm. From speedy upgrades to fabulous hero skins, the Gold Pass is the ultimate game-changer.

What's Inside the CoC Golden Pass?

Picture a magical chest overflowing with rewards that set your village apart from the rest. Each month, the Gold Pass unveils a bundle of treats just for you. From hero skins that transform your champions into legendary icons to captivating village sceneries that give your home a fresh, eye-catching look – it's a display of pure greatness.

Space Hero Skins & Scenery - March Gold Pass

Every season of Gold Pass brings forth unforeseen themes and delights, and this season's GP is no different. Here's what March Gold Pass has in store for us.

Theme: Space

First off, let's shine the spotlight on the hero skins – your pass to turning ordinary heroes into fashion icons of Clashville. We've got skins for all four of our heroes

Space Queen Skin

The highlight of this season's Gold Pass is the exclusive Space Queen skin, available in the first tier of the Gold Pass.

Space Queen Skin - March Gold Pass

Space King Skin

  • Available from: March 7th
  • Cost: $9.99

Space King Skin - March Gold Pass 

Space Warden Skin

  • Available from: March 14th
  • Cost: $9.99

Space Warden Skin - March Gold Pass

Space Champion Skin

  • Available from: March 21st
  • Cost: $9.99

Space Champion Skin - March Gold Pass

Space Scenery

The Gold Pass doesn't stop at boosting your heroes; it also brings stunning Space scenery, giving your village the makeover it truly deserves.

  • Available from: March 5th
  • Cost: $6.99


Twinkle Twinkle Little 3 Star Challenge 

Challenges are what add fun and excitement to the game. As always, we have a challenge for this season, which is the Twinkle Twinkle Little 3 Star challenge. Want to know how to triple the fun of the Twinkle Twinkle Little 3 Star Challenge?

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Should you buy the Gold Pass?

Wondering if you should grab the Gold Pass? You might be asking yourself, "Is it worth diving into this golden opportunity?" Don't worry! Check out our detailed Gold Pass guide for a thorough look at the benefits, tips, and strategies. It acts as your digital compass in the world of Clash, guiding you through the decision-making process.


And there you have it – a peek into the treasures awaiting you in this season's Gold Pass. Join us each month as we unveil new hero skins, captivating landscapes, and a wealth of gaming delights. Let the Gold Pass Chronicles be your trusted companion, navigating you through the Clash universe. Stay golden, Clashers!

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