Easily 3 Star the Lunar New Year Challenge

Don't be overwhelmed by the Lunar New Year Challenge base design. Our host, Hooked, will walk you through the easy steps!
Easily 3 Star the Lunar New Year Challenge

Hey, Chief!

Today, we embark on a journey to conquer the challenging base from the Lunar New Year Challenge and achieve the elusive triple star victory. We know how it feels to face a formidable opponent, and that's why we've decoded a strategy that's not just effective but also beginner-friendly. Join us as we unveil the secrets to success, breaking down each step to ensure victory in this epic Clash of Clans challenge.

▶️ How to Triple the Lunar New Year Challenge?

Challenges may come and go, but none can defeat us! We break down the attack strategy to assist you in achieving a triple win in the Lunar New Year Challenge with ease!

EASILY 3 STAR Lunar New Year Challenge | Clash of Clans

▶️ Easily 3 Star the Lunar New Year Challenge Like a Pro. As always, Hooked brings you the latest Clash of Clans Challenges 3 Starred easily!

Breaking it Down: How to Triple the Base in 10 Simple Steps

  1. Three Balloons, One Corner: Begin your assault with three trusty balloons targeting the mortar in the corner. Precision is key here, so make those shots count.

  2. Ice Golem on a Diagonal: Introduce your ice Golem at a slight angle, mirroring the position of your flame flinger. This clever placement sets the stage for the upcoming Tesla takedown.

  3. Clever Diagonals for Tesla Pull: Watch as your ice Golem walks the diagonal path, enticing the Tesla out of hiding. Sometimes it needs a bit of coaxing, but patience is your ally.

  4. Flame Flinger Strikes: While the ice Golem works its magic, the flame flinger goes to town on the cannon. A well-timed attack that sets the stage for the grand finale.

  5. The Waiting Game: Embrace the brief interlude as you wait for the flame flinger to target the multi Inferno. It might feel slow, but trust us, it's worth it.

  6. Bat Spells Unleashed: Once the multi Inferno is in the crosshairs, deploy all seven bat spells at the top. Look away briefly to maintain the element of surprise.

  7. Dragons, Balloon, and E-Dragon Combo: With your eyes back on the screen, release all nine dragons, the e-dragon, and the final balloon at the top. Activate the Warden ability for that added boost.

  8. Freeze the Monoliths: As the dragons wreak havoc, freeze two monoliths at the top. Meanwhile, send the king and queen to the bottom with a sneaky Barbarian to handle CC and traps.

  9. Royal Champion's Grand Entrance: Clearing the way with bats and dragons, the Royal Champion takes the spotlight. Use invisibility spells strategically to decimate the town hall.

  10. Queen Charge to Victory: As the base crumbles, unleash your queen charge using rage spells, freezing the multiarch Tower and Cannon. Keep the Royal Champion safe and utilize minions for cleanup.


There you have it, Clashers! A comprehensive guide to conquering the seemingly insurmountable base. We know it's not a walk in the park, but with patience, precision, and a dash of strategy, victory is within reach. Share your triumphs and tips in the comments below, and let's build a community that thrives on mastering the art of Clash of Clans. Happy clashing, and may your attacks be ever triumphant!


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