Egypt Hero Skins & Scenery - April Gold Pass

Experience the magic of April's Clash of Clans Gold Pass! Dive into the incredible Space Hero skins and breathtaking scenery for an epic Clash adventure!
Egypt Hero Skins & Scenery - April Gold Pass

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Welcome to the Gold Pass Chronicles, your monthly guide to all things shiny, golden, and awesome in Clash of Clans! If you're part of the Clash community, you've probably heard about the amazing Gold Pass. What's all the excitement about? Let's take a closer look and discover what makes Clashville sparkle!

Introducing the Clash of Clans Gold Pass

The Gold Pass is like your VIP ticket to a world of cool perks, discounts, and awesome rewards. It's like having a special golden key to unlock all sorts of goodies in Clash. From making upgrades faster to getting awesome hero skins, the Gold Pass totally changes the game.

What's Inside the CoC Golden Pass?

Imagine a magical treasure chest filled to the brim with rewards that make your village stand out. Every month, the Gold Pass brings you a bunch of cool stuff just for you. From hero skins that turn your champions into legends to amazing village sceneries that give your home a fresh new look – it's all about showing off your greatness.

Egypt Hero Skins & Scenery - April Gold Pass

Every season of the Gold Pass brings new and exciting themes and surprises, and this season is no exception. Here's what the April Gold Pass has in store for us:

Theme: Egypt

First up, let's talk about the hero skins – your ticket to transforming your regular heroes into stylish icons of Clashville. We've got skins for all four of our heroes.

Egypt Warden Skin

The standout feature of this season's Gold Pass is the special Egypt Warden skin, which you can get right at the start of the Gold Pass.

Egypt Warden Skin - April Gold Pass

Egypt King Skin

  • Available from: April 1st, 08 00 am UTC
Egypt King Skin - April Gold Pass


Egypt Champion Skin

  • Available from: April 1st, 08 00 am UTC
Egypt Champion Skin - April Gold Pass

Egypt Queen Skin

  • Available from: April 1st, 08 00 am UTC
Egypt Queen Skin - April Gold Pass


Egypt Scenery

The Gold Pass not only enhances your heroes but also introduces ancient Egyptian scenery, giving your village the makeover it truly deserves.

  • Available from: April 1st, 08 00 am UTC  
Egypt Scenery - April Gold Pass


There's not one but two events awaiting for us this season!

Super Troop Medal Event: Super Rocket Balloon

Starts: April 11th

This time, we won't be releasing any Epic Hero Equipment alongside it. Instead, the spotlight will be on Ores, allowing everyone to upgrade their equipment.

Streak Event

Starts: April 18th

This is a surprise! It's a new type of event. The details of which will be shared soon!

Golden Sand and 3-Starry Nights Challenge

We have an exciting challenge that kicks off right at the beginning of the season! Our YouTube video will help you to Triple the Golden Sand and 3-Starry Nights Challenge. Struggling to conquer any challenge? Our Clash of Clans Challenges blog is here to assist for other upcoming challenges as well!

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Should you buy the Gold Pass?

If you're debating whether to get the Gold Pass, you might be wondering, "Is it worth seizing this golden opportunity?" Don't fret! Take a look at our comprehensive Gold Pass guide for a detailed exploration of its benefits, tips, and strategies. It serves as your digital roadmap in the world of Clash, helping you make informed decisions.


That's a wrap - we peeked into the treasures awaiting you in this season's Gold Pass. Join us each month as we unveil new hero skins, captivating landscapes, and a wealth of gaming delights. Let the Gold Pass Chronicles be your trusted companion, navigating you through the Clash universe. Stay golden, Clashers!

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