Master the Electro-Dragon Attack Strategy

Incorporating the EDragon attack strategy into your Clash of Clans gameplay can make you a tough opponent. Master this strategy, let those EDragons loose on the battlefield and get ready to dominate your enemies!
Master the Electro-Dragon Attack Strategy

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In the ever-evolving world of Clash of Clans, strategies come and go, but some, like the EDragon attack strategy, stand the test of time. Today, we'll delve into the secrets of mastering this strategy and how to dominate your opponents with it. Nebrax, a renowned Clash of Clans player, has shown us how to do it, and we're here to break it down for you.

Electro Dragon Attacks: The Strategy you can't ignore

In the ever-evolving landscape of Clash of Clans strategies, one approach stands out as truly unconventional yet undeniably effective—the Electro Dragon (Edrag) attack strategy. While many players gravitate toward tried-and-true methods, those who dare to explore the unconventional discover the power and versatility of Edrags. In this guide, we'll delve into the intricacies of this remarkable strategy, unveiling the secrets that set it apart from the rest.

Is the E-Dragon Attack Strategy Easy to Use?

Many Clash of Clans players have heard whispers about the power of the E-Dragon attack strategy. But is it really as easy to use as some claim? In the world of Clash of Clans attacking, where complex tactics often reign supreme, we're about to reveal whether this strategy is a straightforward path to victory or a hidden gem with surprising depths. Brace yourselves for the truth behind the E-Dragon's simplicity.

The Best Attack Strategy which even the Pros can't Defend

In the fiercely competitive realm of Clash of Clans, the Edrag strategy stands tall as the ultimate game-changer, a tactic so formidable that it strikes fear even into the hearts of seasoned pros. What makes it truly exceptional is its ability to defy expectations and unleash unpredictability on the battlefield, leaving opponents bewildered and defenses shattered. It's a strategy that doesn't merely win battles; it redefines the very essence of Clash of Clans battles.


▶️ Master the Electro-Dragon Attack Strategy

Now, let's dive right in and learn the art of mastering the E-Dragon Attack Strategy with insights from Nebrax, a world-class professional player. Mastering a strategy isn't solely about flawless execution but also about your ability to recover when things don't go as planned.

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The Basics

Before diving into the nitty-gritty details, it's essential to understand the fundamentals of the EDragon attack strategy. Nebrax's approach is surprisingly simple: he focuses on doing the basics correctly, which leads to devastating results.

The Town Hall Blitz

In many bases, the Town Hall is positioned near the base's outer edge. Nebrax capitalizes on this by starting with a Town Hall blitz using a Blimp. This not only eliminates the Town Hall but also sets the stage for a perfect funnel.

Creating the Perfect Funnel

A well-executed funnel is crucial for the success of the EDragon attack. Nebrax uses a combination of heroes, Baby Dragons, and a few balloons to create a funnel that guides the EDragons into the core of the base.

The Power of Electro Dragons

EDragons are slow but incredibly powerful. They thrive when they're not facing sweepers, which significantly slow their attack speed. Nebrax's strategy revolves around sending the EDragons through the base's core, avoiding sweepers whenever possible. Their chain lightning ability wreaks havoc on the enemy base.

Heroic Support

While the EDragons clear the core, your heroes play a crucial role in eliminating the remaining defenses. Nebrax typically uses his heroes, with the Warden supporting the EDragons and the Queen and King dealing with the remaining threats.

The Skeleton Spell - The Game Changer

To assist the heroes, Nebrax brings a Skeleton Spell. While it doesn't benefit the EDragons, it's highly effective against single-target Inferno Towers and ground-based defenses. It can be a lifesaver in the late stages of the attack as it can highly tank for heroes.

Best Pet with King: The Yak or the Frosty?

One interesting twist Nebrax introduces is the choice between the Yak and the Frosty as the King's pet. While the Frosty offers some tankiness and freezing ability, the Yak's ability to break walls can be invaluable in certain situations. It's a choice you can make based on your preferences and the specific base you're attacking.

The Variations

Nebrax's approach is simple and effective, but he also demonstrates a variation in his attacks, showing his adaptability.

The Town Hall Blimp vs. Two-EDrag Crack

In some cases, Nebrax opts for a different approach to take down the Town Hall. Instead of using the Blimp, he deploys two EDragons to eliminate it directly. This approach is less risky but still effective when the Town Hall is exposed.


Mastering the EDragon attack strategy in Clash of Clans requires attention to detail and a focus on the basics. Nebrax's simple yet effective approach has demonstrated how devastating this strategy can be in the right hands. By creating the perfect funnel, utilizing the power of EDragons, and supporting your heroes, you can replicate his success and dominate your opponents.


Can I use the EDragon attack strategy at lower Town Hall levels? The EDragon attack strategy is most effective at higher Town Hall levels, particularly at TH15, but it can work well at lower THs too.

Are there any specific base types that this strategy works best against? This strategy works exceptionally well against compact bases, such as ring bases, where the EDragons can chain lightning through the core effectively.

What are the main spells to use with this strategy? The key spells include Rage spells to boost the EDragons' damage, speed and a Freeze spell to neutralize key defenses like Inferno Towers or the Eagle Artillery.

How can I practice and improve my EDragon attack strategy? You can practice by using friendly challenges within your clan or by watching replays of successful EDragon attacks to understand how they are used and spell timing.

What's the best way to deal with Clan Castle troops? Bringing a Poison Spell can help deal with Clan Castle troops effectively. Deploy it when your troops are near the Clan Castle to neutralize enemy reinforcements.


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