Master the Super Dragon Attack Strategy

Super Dragons don't get much attention these days, so no one's prepared to defend them. It's a great time to learn this attack strategy and crush every base 🏆
Master the Super Dragon Attack Strategy

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In the vast world of Clash of Clans, where strategies and armies abound, one particular strategy has often been overlooked - the Super Dragons. They may not always be in the spotlight, but make no mistake; Super Dragons are extremely underrated, simple, effective, and can work wonders in both Legend League and Wars.

Why Super Dragons Attack Strategy Deserves Your Attention

At first glance, you might wonder why Super Dragons aren't used more frequently. The truth is, they have tremendous potential, and we're here to shed light on why you should consider them in your next attack strategy.

It's time to prepare for a journey 🚀 that promises to be nothing short of epic. Super Dragons are about to become your ultimate weapon, and you'll need to be ready to dominate your battles like never before. 🌟

Super Dragons vs. E-Dragons: Which is the Best Air Spam Army?

🤔 In the Clash of Clans arena, strategies collide. Super Dragons and E-Dragons are two giants on the battlefield, and the question arises: Which one reigns supreme?

The top players in the Legends League mostly prefer Electro Dragons (E-Drags) over Super Dragons. The reason for this preference is that E-Drags can be more potent, but there's a specific type of base where Super Dragons outshine their electric counterparts.

These are the bases with double poison Towers. Super Dragons handle these poison Towers better because of their shooting speed, unlike the slow-firing E-Drags.

How easy is it to Use the Super Dragons Attack?

Super Dragons in Clash of Clans are a user-friendly attack strategy that's perfect for beginners and pros alike. Here's why they're so easy to use:

  • Simple Deployment: Super Dragons are a straightforward choice. You don't need intricate planning or precise timing. Just deploy them, and they get to work.
  • Less Spell Dependency: Unlike other strategies, Super Dragons don't rely heavily on spells. You won't need complex spell combinations, saving you resources and spell slots.
  • Easy Funneling: Creating a funnel is still important, but with Super Dragons, it's less complicated. They naturally target defenses, so your funneling job is simpler.
  • Consistent Results: With practice, Super Dragons consistently deliver three-star victories. Their simplicity means fewer variables to worry about during an attack.

So, whether you're a newbie or a seasoned Clash of Clans player, Super Dragons offer a powerful yet simple strategy. It's time to give them a try and experience their game-changing ease of use.


▶️ How to use Super Dragons Attack Strategy?

Now, let's dive into the heart of the matter, where we'll explore how to use Super Dragons in detail. From understanding their strengths to creating the perfect funnel, we've got it all covered. 🛡️

SUPER DRAGONS are EASY and POWERFUL | Best Spam Army at TH14 and TH15 | Clash of Clans Legend Attack

💙 Why are Super Dragons so underutilised? They are extremely strong in the right hands as you will see today and I implore more of you to give this troop a go in your own clash attacks!

Army Link:

Step-by-Step guide on how to use the Super Dragons.

  1. Funnel Creation: Begin your attack by creating a funnel. This is a critical step for Super Dragons, particularly when the base is compact. A proper funnel ensures that the Super Dragons venture inside the base instead of circling the outside.
  2. Strategic Spell Usage: The choice of spells is vital. Consider using Three Skeleton spells in your army. It might sound unconventional, but it can be a game-changer, provided you use them effectively. Make sure to keep an eye on your enemy's multi Inferno Towers when deploying them.
  3. Addressing Clan Castle Troops: Don't underestimate the importance of dealing with Clan Castle troops. Your attack might encounter unexpected resistance, such as 10 Balloons deployed from the Clan Castle. Be prepared to handle them efficiently.
  4. Overcoming Sweepers: Sweepers can be a nuisance for Super Dragons. Their pathing AI can be unpredictable, which is why it's best to avoid sending your dragons through the sweepers whenever possible. Plan your attack route to circumvent these pesky obstacles.

Effective Use of Heroes

Your Heroes play a pivotal role in Super Dragon attacks. Coordinate their abilities well, and don't hesitate to use them when needed along with the skeleton spells which is a game changer as they tank for the heroes heavily. The Royal Champion (RC), in particular, can contribute significantly to your success.

Exploring Different Base Styles

Super Dragons can be effective against various base styles. Here's a few examples to demonstrate their power:

  • The Poison Double Poison Tower Base: In this scenario, Super Dragons prove their mettle. Use proper funneling and spell deployment to conquer this base type.
  • The Box Base with Core Town Hall: Even a base with a core Town Hall can be taken down with a Super Dragon attack. Careful planning, spell usage, and funneling are key to success.
  • The Diamond Base: Diamond bases are a common sight, and Super Dragons are more than capable of handling them. Utilize proper spell deployment and hero abilities for victory.

Unique Strategies with Super Dragons

To illustrate their versatility, we've even showcased a Super Dragon attack  straight into the Town Hall Giga Poison in a base. This approach might not always be recommended, but when executed correctly, it can lead to triumphant outcomes.


Super Dragons may not be the go-to choice for many players, but this article has shown that they're easy to use and can deliver impressive results, especially against specific base types. Next time you're planning your Clash of Clans attack, consider giving Super Dragons a chance.


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