TownHall 15 Zap Lalo Guide on Ring Bases

Dive into expert insights and discover if conquering the TownHall 15 Zap Lavaloon attack strategy is within your grasp and dominate TH15 with confidence!
TownHall 15 Zap Lalo Guide

Hey Clashers!

Today we're diving into the electrifying world of ZAP LALO, specifically tackling the notorious ring bases at Town Hall 15. It isn't an easy task, it's against the double rage, double poison, double invisibility spell towers, and let's break down the strategy to conquer these bases. No more ado, let's jump right into it!

Urgh! The Toxic TownHall 15 CoC Ring Bases...

Guess what sends shivers down a Clasher's spine? It's not just a newborn who can answer this one – it's the horror of a live attack disconnect or the ultimate nightmare: encountering a ring base. Oh, we can practically see the panic on your face!

But hey, take a deep breath because here's a little secret: you're not alone in this struggle. And for all you ring-base-hating Clashers out there, we've got some fantastic news – we've cracked the code to triple those bases, no matter the type of spell towers they have. Brace yourselves for victory!

Lavaloon: The Hardest TH15 Attack Strategy in Clash of Clans?

Alright, buckle up, Chief! We're diving into the world of Lavaloon, and guess what? That's the secret sauce for obliterating those pesky ring bases. Now, before you give us that surprised look or a disappointed sigh, hold on a minute. You've been in this game for ages, and mastering Lavaloon should be a walk in the park for you by now.

Lavaloon strategy is often deemed the toughest by players worldwide, and that's precisely why many bases aren't geared up to fend off against it. Here's the deal: if you've got the Lalo skills up your sleeve, tripling bases becomes a piece of cake.

Th15 Zap Lalo Guide - Easy Mode

Certainly, mastering the Lavaloon strategy may present a bit of a challenge, but fret not! Our comprehensive guide is here to dissect the intricacies, ensuring that learning this strategy becomes as easy as pie.

With our expert insights, you'll be well-equipped to confidently tackle any ring base that challenges you in the future. It's your moment to assert dominance and demonstrate to those bases who the real boss is!


▶️ How to Zap Lalo at TownHall 15?

Lalo just looks super hard but it actually isn't. Learn how to use Zap Lalo, especially against the toxic anti-2 ring style bases, no matter the type of spell tower the bases have. Let's dive right in and know how to master this strategy under the guidance of the expert TK. 

ZAP LALO Guide on ALL Type of RING BASES | TH15 | Clash of Clans

💙 Today TK is going to showcase how to zap lalo on ring bases with poison towers rage towers and invisibility towers so you can never fail again on these toxic bases

Army Link:

Cracking the Ring Bases

TK kicks off the tutorial on a ring base with double invisibility spells on either side. He's not kidding when he says this base isn't giving any zap value – except for a sneaky plan involving a Flame Flinger.

Picture this: Lightning spells soften up the defenses, Earthquake shakes things up, and heroes charge towards the Town Hall. With a well-executed plan, TK shows us how to maximize zap value and set the stage for a successful LALO attack.

Flame Flinger Finesse

In the midst of the action, TK adjusts his strategy on the fly. The Flame Flinger becomes the MVP, dealing with the lower side while ensuring the Town Hall vulnerability.

Key takeaway: flexibility is key in ZAP LALO, and adapting to the situation is part of the game.

From Heroes to Hounds

The transition from zap to LALO is seamless. TK emphasizes the importance of diverse approaches for different ring bases. Whether it's sending heroes straight to the Town Hall or using a Royal Champion to secure the triple, he covers it all.

A wide-angle approach, well-timed spells, and clever deployment of troops – that's the recipe for a flawless LALO.

Double Poison, Double Challenge

Next on the menu: a double poison ring base with a Flame Flinger in tow. Log Launcher and Blimp make a grand entrance, showcasing the versatility of ZAP LALO. TK's advice?

Start with the Flame Flinger for optimal timing, deal with the Eagle, and set the stage for a LALO masterpiece. Oh, and don't forget to pull the CC – it can make or break your attack!

Invisibility Towers and the ZAP LALO Tango

TK then tackles an anti-super Archer base with double invisibility towers. Log Launcher takes the spotlight again, this time ensuring both invisibility towers are activated.

King's ability becomes crucial, and TK cleverly navigates the base, setting the stage for a Town Hall takedown during the LALO phase.

Double Rage Tower Nightmare: When Zap Value is Elusive

In the final showdown, TK faces the nightmare of double rage towers. A less-than-ideal Zap Value doesn't deter him.

He charges through the Clan Castle, utilizes the Blimp for Town Hall destruction, and masterfully navigates the LALO phase, freezing, raging, and smashing through defenses.

The takeaway? Even the toughest bases can crumble with the right strategy.


There you have it, Clashers! TK's guide to ZAP LALO on all types of ring bases. From adapting on the fly to mastering the art of Town Hall takedowns, this guide is your ticket to LALO supremacy.

So, next time you encounter a ring base, don't panic – strategize, adapt, and triple it like a pro. Until next time, Clash on, and may your LALO be ever victorious!


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