Super Archer Blimp still Powerful after Update

Hold on! Do not quit Clash of Clans, Super Archers Clone trick is not nerfed. Discover the new way to wreck enemy bases with this trick in a better way than before.
Super Archer Clone like this After Update

Hey Chief,

Have you been enjoying the new June update? We know there are some cool changes in the update but we also know that there are some changes that would've make your gameplay harder. In this blog, let's look into one of those changes that affected you gameplay.


In the world of Clash of Clans, where strategic planning and attack techniques play a vital role, the Super Archer Blimp has emerged as a formidable force. This attack strategy combines the usage of Super Archers, Clone spells, and the Battle Blimp to wreak havoc on enemy bases. It has been widely acclaimed for its effectiveness in Clan wars, Legends League, and high Legends, enabling players to achieve impressive results.

Is the Super Archers Blimp nerfed after the Update?

With the introduction of higher-level Giant Bombs and the faster deployment rate of Clan Castle troops from siege machines in the recent update, the Super Archer Blimp trick has faced setbacks. The upgraded Giant Bombs possess greater destructive power, posing a significant threat to the fragile Super Archers. These explosives can wipe out a considerable number of Super Archers, crippling the attack strategy.

Furthermore, the faster deployment of Clan Castle troops from siege machines has made it difficult for the Super Archers as the player has to be quick enough to deploy the first clone spell or all the Archers die instantly and totally collapses the raid. As soon as the Blimp reaches its target, the enemy Clan Castle troops can be deployed rapidly, overwhelming the Super Archers and impeding their progress.

And yes, all these sounds like the Super Archer Blimp trick is nerfed but hold on, this blog is all about that. However, fear not! This article will shed light on how you can still employ this powerful strategy and achieve remarkable results.

Adapt and Overcome to Counter the Challenges

While the recent updates have seemingly nerfed the Super Archer Blimp trick, our skilled Clash of Clans players have found innovative ways right after the update occured to adapt and overcome these challenges so we can guide players to quickly expertise and adapt to the changes. We will go through those ideas that can help you optimize the potential of this attack strategy despite the  newly emerged obstacles.

Learn from our Super Archer Blimp Expert

TK, an esteemed expert dominating the Legend League leaderborad, through countless hours of gameplay and analysis, has developed a wealth of knowledge and strategic insights specific to the Super Archer Blimp strategy. He has mastered the art of timing the deployment of the Battle Blimp, ensuring optimal positioning to maximize the impact of the Super Archers. TK's ability to identify weak spots in enemy bases and effectively neutralize defensive structures is truly remarkable.

Whether you're a player seeking to learn the basics or an experienced player aiming to refine your techniques, TK's expertise in the Super Archer Blimp strategy is a valuable resource. By incorporating his tips and tricks into your own gameplay, you can elevate your performance and dominate the battlefield with unrivaled efficiency. Follow TK's guidance, and you'll unlock the true potential of this formidable attack strategy, propelling yourself to new heights of success in the game.


Super Archer Clone LIKE THIS After UPDATE | Still OP! | Clash of Clans TH15 Attack Strategy

💙 TK shows us his tips and tricks on attacking with Super Archers Blimp after the June Update. Our expert tips and techniques will guide you through the process of mastering this attack strategy, so you can become a pro at Clash of Clans. Don't miss out on this must-see video for any serious Clash of Clans player!

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How to use Super Archer Blimp after Update?

The Clash of Clans community has witnessed a recent update that brought changes to the gameplay dynamics. Many players were concerned about the viability of the super archer clone strategy in high Legends. However, fear not! This blog will shed light on how you can still employ this powerful strategy and achieve remarkable results.

The Importance of Base Analysis

Before diving into battle, it is crucial to analyze the opponent's base thoroughly. Look for potential defense and trap placements, such as bomb towers, poison towers, giant bombs and spring traps, which can pose a significant threat to your super archers. By identifying these hazards, you can plan your attack accordingly and mitigate potential risks.

Placement and Timing of Super Archers

To maximize the effectiveness of the super archers, careful placement and timing are crucial. Study the base layout and identify the optimal locations to drop your super archers. Consider the positioning of sweepers and other defensive structures to create a clear path for your archers to reach their targets.

Timing is equally important. In the new update, the Clan Castle troops are deployed early, requiring you to adjust your spell deployment accordingly. Drop your first invisibility spell early to ensure they stay alive and achieve the desired outcome.

Effective Spell Placement

Strategic spell placement is key to overwhelming your opponent's defenses. Utilize invisibility spells in a way to protect  and cover all your super archers from enemy fire, ensuring their longevity on the battlefield. Remember to drop the spells early in the battle, as the new update has accelerated the activation of Clan Castle troops.

The Power of the Single Clone

While the double clone strategy was popular before the update, the single clone approach offers greater control and precision. By cloning your super archers on specific areas rather than saturating the entire battlefield, you can avoid triggering hidden giant bombs and optimize their effectiveness.

Dealing with Bombs and Spring Traps

Bombs and spring traps can pose a significant threat to your super archers. To mitigate this risk, land your super archers precisely on empty spots where you suspect the presence of these traps, so the goblins or the wall breakers will  trigger the bombs and spring traps before your super archers emerge, you can minimize potential damage and maintain the effectiveness of your attack.

The Role of Miners

While Super Archers are the primary focus of the Super Archer Clone strategy, the role of Miner is complementing in this attack. Miner is a great troop when used the right way. They do not trigger any trap and also won't get hit while moving underground. This can be used as an advantage to use miner for cleanup as he doesn't need to break walls. TK shows a cool trick where he uses the miner at a perfect time to trigger the rage spell in the spell tower early so the value of the defensive rage spell goes useless.

Tips for Successful Execution

To further enhance your super archer clone strategy, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Land your blimp on empty spots to trigger potential bombs early and create a safe path for your super archers.
  • Use the single clone on specific areas to control the deployment of your archers effectively.
  • Utilize the miner to complement your attack strategy and also for cleanup so you don't time fail.



Despite the recent update, the super archer clone strategy remains a formidable force in Clash of Clans. By mastering the art of funneling, utilizing the single clone, and strategically placing spells, you can achieve great success in high Legends. So, gather your forces, analyze your opponents' bases, and unleash the power of the super archers!


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We have full confidence that this blog has provided valuable assistance in retaining the usage of the Super Archer Clone technique even after the update. Did you find this attack strategy guide helpful and are you interested in exploring more attack strategies from highly skilled experts who have perfected them?

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