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New CWL Bases ūüŹÜ Essential Pack - Blueprint CoC

Looking for Brand New Town Hall 16 CWL Base Layouts?

Look no further than the TH16 CWL Essential Base Pack from Blueprint CoC! Our pack includes a variety of brand new Pro Base layouts that have been crafted by expert base builders to give your clan the best chance of success in the Clan War League (CWL).

The CWL is a competitive league in Clash of Clans where clans from around the world compete against each other in clan wars to earn rewards and climb the leaderboards. The league has a rich history, dating back to the early days of the game, and has evolved over the years to become an integral part of the Clash of Clans community.

One of the most important aspects of the CWL is the use of "new meta" base layouts. These are designs that are optimized for particular strategies and can give clans a significant advantage in wars. In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of the CWL, it is ESSENTIAL for clans to have access to the latest and most effective base layouts.

This is where our CWL Base Pack comes in. Our Pro Base Builders have spent countless hours analyzing the latest strategies and studying the most successful base layouts in the CWL. They have used this knowledge to create a pack of brand new, top-tier base layouts that are specifically designed to give your clan an edge in the CWL.

One of the great things about our TH16 CWL Base Pack is that it is constantly being updated with the latest and most effective base layouts. As the meta shifts and new strategies emerge, we will be there to provide you with the latest base layouts to keep your clan ahead of the competition.

Essential CWL Pack - June

TH16 CWL Base Pack¬†:CWL_Blue:¬†for June is¬†here‚Ēč:BP_OrphanBored:

The Clan War League is about to start and we have created a more affordable option for the clashers that don't need the 15 CWL Clash of Clans bases from our TH16 Exclusive pack. Now you don't have an excuse to not run Blue CoC bases and get that first spot! Good Luck!

Three, Five and seven TH16 Extra Care CoC bases built exclusively for the latest meta at the SCCWL. So a maximum of 7 Extra Care CoC Designs built/tested/tweaked by our Best CWL Base Builders!

:CoC_1CWL: SEVEN Days, SEVEN Wars, SEVEN TH16 Pro Bases for less than the price of one, brand new pro base layouts ready for you every start of the month. This is the best way to have your TH16 account ready every CWL season. Ideal for the most competitive players and clans that aim to win their CWL group each month.

Essential CWL Base Pack Builders - June

Remember to create an Account within our platform so you can have all of your orders in one place! You will receive your bases instantly in to your email after you have placed your order.

You can choose between the following 3 options. Three, five, and seven TH15 Pro Bases were built exclusively for the latest meta at the SCCWL. The idea is to give you a variety of bases to decide how many bases you need for the next Clan War League. 

TH16 CWL Base Pack - June 2024 

:Blue_arrow: Base #1 - Sir Will - Compact Box style with double flanking poison towers.
:Blue_arrow: Base #2 - Gake - Anti-2 Box base with double rage towers.
:Blue_arrow: Base #3 - Dima - Anti 2 with heavy damage core & core rage towers.
:Blue_arrow: Base #4 - General X - Anti-3 with heavy damage in core and spread out.
:Blue_arrow: Base #5 - Tryhard - Anti-2 Diamond shaped with heavy damage on flanks.
:Blue_arrow: Base #6 - Sir Will - Anti-2 style with heavy core and core poison towers.
:Blue_arrow: Base #7 - Gake - Anti 2 style with double poison towers & spread damage.
Our top-tier, pro base layouts are the best in the business, and they will give you the best chance of success in the CWL.

So don't wait any longer, Get the Town Hall 16 CWL Base Pack NOW and give your clan the edge it needs to succeed in the next Clan War League! Good Luck!


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