New Last Golden Tickets 🎟️ Limited Pack

World Cup is approaching, Get some defenses from the builders who will compete in it!
New Last Golden Tickets 🎟️ Limited Pack - Blueprint CoC

Finally, after a long wait, we are bringing a Defensive strength showcase of Teams Who have Golden Ticket vs. The teams competing for it!!

2 Builders with Golden Ticket followed by 2 who will be competing for it IN AN HOUR!

Last Golden Tickets Limited Edition Pack

TRYHARD - Anti 3 Multiple Isolated cores, closed comps., spread baits, many deadzones!

SYNTHE (5600+) - Anti 2 hard to path, multiple dead zones, heavily baited core & Big comps.

CELINHO - Creative Asymmetric, Creatively compartmentalized, spread baits.

CHOCO (5600+) - Box heavy core, hard to path, multi-channeled & backend baits

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