New TH14 💎 End Esl Special Pack

The Man Behind Queen Walkers Stephanie's Defense
New TH14 💎 End Esl Special Pack - Blueprint CoC

After a long wait, We thought it was the right time! This one is a bit special for us and thus a new announcement style for this Pack!

END, the man behind :QW: QUEEN WALKERS :QW:  Mighty defense, a long-time customer favorite and one of the highest demanded builders in the Community!

He Puts a lot of time and effort into every base, and countless E-Sports Teams have and are using End's bases to defend at the highest level of competition!

Blueprint End's Esl Pack Limited 3 pro pass test clash of clans bases

3 Pro Pass Test Bases by End:

ESL 1 - Triple Isolated IT based asymmetric Anti 3 with spread out unconventional backend baits!

ESL 2 - Multiple Isolated core based heavy baited hard to path incompletely channeled Anti 3

ESL 3 - Creatively compartmentalized huge core Asymmetric multiple isolated defense based A-3

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