New TH14 Base Building Future 💎 Limited Pack

Check the Future of Base Building!
New TH14 Base Building Future 💎 Limited Pack - Blueprint CoC

Are you missing our Multi-Demographic covering limited editions?
As the World's Ladder stage has ended, The wait for our Multi Demographic pack ends too! You guessed it right!
5 Builders who are not just creative and experimental with their bases but also have made their presence felt throughout the community as one of the strongest base builders! 

Blueprint Base building Future limited edition pack

Bases are built exclusively for the latest meta at  ESL & Legends  (5500+). This pack has the most challenging base designs against meta! Builders have spent countless hours testing and tweaking these hand-crafted bases for you!

Alfonso (ESL) -  w
ide channel based single Isolated core setup with spread out baits and Anti 3 style

(ESL) - uniquely compartmentalized multiple core based spread baited asymmetric Anti 3

Marc (ESL) - multiple Isolated cores and Asymmetric style with heavy bait and damage zones!

Moktar (Legend League) - heavy baited symmetrical box with hard to path compartments and deadzones!

General X (Legend League) - well spread and trapped base diamond base with spread baits to defend various strats


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