New Kazuma 💎 Limited Pack

Let the Master Guide your defence!
New Kazuma 💎 Limited Pack - Blueprint CoC

Kazuma is arguably one of the best QC Lalo players, with multiple accounts finishing at the top of the Leaderboard in Legends! He has put together 3 Different Styles High Legends (5800+) Bases with all his experience for you to help you push high this season!


blueprint kazuma limited legends pack

Three Pro TH14 Pass-Test for less than the price of one. Bases are built exclusively for the latest meta at Legends.

Builder comments
have been included with each base and even recommend the specific changes if you face a particular army more!

Here's what you will get : 

Box base creatively compartmentalized, Multi IT core and lots of deadzones to mess up pathing!

Anti 2 base hard to path and heavily baited core to increase the chances of enemy slip ups!

Diamond base creatively and hard baited base with heavy backend and hard to path front!


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