New TH14 ESL DUO 💎 Limited pack

Take the best from the snapdragon champions
New TH14 ESL DUO 💎 Limited pack - Blueprint CoC

ESL being the first offline event after a long time, declared NA and EUR/MENA Champions! The lower bracket winners coming into the finals showed off their defensive and attacking skills against the region's top teams and won it all! 

It's the perfect time to share the secrets with you guys because WORLD QUALIFIERS are going on!

Blueprint ESL duo Limited Edition Pack from Tryhard and Agent


The TH14 ESL DUO PACK! You guessed it right! Agent and Tryhard, our ESL Specialists and Pros from W&G and Strut, have put together these four bases with heavy baits for you guys! They have focussed on Meta Strategies, whether Ground or Air and have precisely set up tricks to help you win against various enemies! 

- Anti-Air base hard to path incomplete channel core multi IT with unconventional baits!

- Anti-Ground base multiple deadones and core defenses with hard to path comps.

- Anti-Air base ring style Anti 2 with multiple hard to path compartments and baits!

- Anti-Ground base multiple deadzone base asymmetric Anti 3 base with large compartments!



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