New TH14 Versatile 💎 Limited Pack

Five unique designs to cover all your needs!
New TH14 Versatile 💎 Limited Pack

Hi everyone, we are bringing back one of our most demanded packs!
The Versatile pack has 5 different styles built by our expert builders to improve your clash of clans experience with this unique designs.

Top Quality Designs, Five Pro TH14 Pass-Test for less than the price of one. Bases built exclusively for the latest meta at Legends & CWL/ESL.

TH14 Versatile pack | 5 builders built 5 unique layouts


These bases come with comments related to the testing and tweaking part, and they have been made the exact same way Professional Teams work.   You will receive the bases INSTANTLY!

#1 Diamond Base by Moktar (Symmetric multiple isolated cores and heavy baited base to make it defend various armies)

#2 Ring Base by Bob
(Symmetric Ring, spread out baits, with heavy core and hard to reach TH, good choice for Legend and ESL)

#3 Troll Base by Ruposh
(Uniquely compartmentalized heavy baited channeled Anti 3 base to make pathing a nightmare)


#4 Creative Base by CJ (Unique compartments, unique baits, spraed-out dead zones and unsymmetric base)

#5 Box Base by End
(Creative style Box with unique core dead zone to make troops split and enemies fail)



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