THE MVB 🏆 Pack of the Month

Meet The Most Valuated Blueprint Builder
THE MVB 🏆 Pack of the Month - Blueprint CoC

The MVB of the month | Limited Edition is a pack made by the Builder that received the Blueprint MVB award of the month.

These three Pro TH15 Designs are tested and tweaked hardly. Each base brings comments from the Builder himself related to the testing and tweaking part of it so you can know more about the pieces he created.

It is a nice way to see the type of builds and tricks he is using at the moment.  

3 Clash of Clans bases to help you taste some defenses in the meta!
made by the best builder at Blueprint for the last month.

MVB Agent DEC2022

The MVB Pack of the month is being released by AgentGet your gears ready, because you don't need to worry about your defense, Agent has got them covered with his skills.

He has been working hard on the designs for you. 3 different bases made for:

  • Legends (5600+) - Box Style, spread out core, heavy baited, creative channels
  • ESL (Anti 2) - Symmetric base, spread damage, peripheral baits, double poison core
  • ESL (Teaser) Symmetric, multiple cores, heavy baited, hard to path

He hopes you guys like them, and they can help you on the battlefield.

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