TH15 Anti Ghost 💎 Limited Edition

Defend the Annoying Royals Ghosts with bases from Ghost Himself!
TH15 Anti Ghost  💎 Limited Edition - Blueprint CoC
Were you trying to figure out how to defend Royal Ghosts?
Don't worry; our master builder GHOST himself got you covered!

Here You will find two TH15 Clash of Clans bases to cover all your needs in war and Legend League
Blueprint Anti Royal Ghost Limited Edition Pack
As an Event troop and TH15 Pack, we also have a 10% discount on this Clash of Clans Pack! Use Code - GHOST

Th15 CoC Bases designed by our master builder Ghost to defend the event troop Royal Ghost!

War Anti 2 - heavy damage core, hard to funnel surrounding, peripheral traps, poison towers!

Legend Anti 2 - multiple deadzone based, creatively compartmentalized, baiting multiple strategies, peripheral traps!


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