TH15 CWL Halloween 🎃 Limited Edition

Scare Your Enemies with Blue Defenses!
TH15 CWL Halloween 🎃 Limited Edition - Blueprint CoC
A new event, a new theme! Happy Halloween to all Clashers! Or should we call it Clash-O-Ween?  We are dressed up and ready to celebrate this event with extreme hype!

Oh, wait, still missing bases for First TH15 CWL? Don't worry, this Clash-O-Ween, Blueprint is celebrating with you offering both Tricks to scare your CoC CWL Enemies and Treats for you to enjoy!

Looking to Scare your CWL Enemies this time? Get Ready for Trick & Treat both!
Blueprint TH15 CWL Halloween Limited Edition Pack
MOKTAR (CWL) - Anti 3 Creative comp, open comps., spread baits & creative channels!

TRYHARD (CWL) - Anti 2.5 hard to path, multiple dead zones, heavy flank baits & diamond shaped!

GHOST (CWL) - Box Symmetric, compact, spread baits & hard-to-path open comps.

CJ (CWL) - Anti 2 Compact Core, Heavy damage zones, Creative Core & spread baits.

BOB (CWL) - Anti 2 Lighter core, heavy core damage, spread baits & many dead zones!

This Pack also includes a Special Treat from  VIA , a creative and surprising Artistic base for YOU!!

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