TH15 NAVI Pro Base Pack ⭐ Limited Edition

Defend like Champions with the NAVI Base Pack!
TH15 Navi Pro Base Pack⭐ Limited Edition Base Pack - Blueprint CoC

TH15 NAVI Pro Base Pack

If you want to be a Clash of Clans champion, act like a Champion! Similarly, if you want to get Crazy Defenses, get a Blue Base for yourself!

Watching CoC Esports competitive tournaments, you must have seen NAVI dominate through their CoC Base Building performances in the recently concluded Clash of Clans Worlds Warm-Ups!

You are lucky because at Blueprint CoC we have the best of the best. And this Pro Base Pack is a one time opportunity with exclusive Clash of Clans Layouts made only for you, and to celebrate NAVI amazing defensive performance 

Our NAVI Squad the masterminds of base building for the Champions of Warm-Up tournament, NAVI who have made this pack for YOU!

Th15 Navi Pro Base pack Limited Edition - by BlueprintCoC

 - open comps, spread baits & heavy core with multiple compartments!!

DIMA :bp_legendleague: 5600+ - Toxic & light core, multiple open & heavy baited comps, Triple Multi based!

END :CoC_ESL: Box - hard to the path, big core, heavy TH baits, multiple dead zones based!

KAZUMA :bp_legendleague: 5800+ - Toxic & compartmentalized core, multiple open & heavy baited comps, exposed TH based!

END :CoC_ESL: Box - hard to the path, big core, heavy TH baits, multiple dead zones based!


TH15 Navi Pro Base Pack - Limited Blueprint CoC

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