We present to you the 10 Blueprint Content Creators all over the World

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Hi, I'm Zoloko, Spanish streamer and content creator for more than 5 years.

Creator of the clan with the same name and official youtuber of supercell since 2017. Passionate about design and work well done.

Streamer since my beginnings in amateur competitions like LHG, LIC, SLA and EWU.  Official caster of the Clash of Clans World Cup in 2019 and 2020. Official caster of the ESL MASTERS Spain in 2019 and Content Creator for Team Queso Esports since 2019.

I have been working for a long time with the motto of making clash of clans great again, and I hope that me joining Blueprint :BP_logo: will contribute to make this great game even better.

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I’m LadyB - a twitch streamer and Caster from the United States .

I played competitively in community leagues for quite some time before primarily focusing on content creation. In 2018 I was asked to play for the Clash of Clans LIVE TH12 War in Cologne, which showcased the new TH12 mode and siege machines.  Since then, I’ve had the honor of casting live at Dreamhack in Montreal alongside Carbonfin, being featured in the Amazon Streaming IRL and having cast for the 2020 World :T_Clashworldchampionship: Championships.

2020 was quite a bit year for me as I joined up with ALTERNATE.aTTaX, as their official streamer. I was also invited in 2020, to partner with :Blueesfera: Blueprint Base Building, which has been a huge bonus to me and my community.

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I'm Sourav (Clashing adda) from India.

I have been playing the game since forever,I think I downladed it in 2014. I loved it so much that I started making content for YouTube in 2017.

It's been a while and the support has been awesome all this years 😍 I am at the moment over 700k subs in my channel what is incredible.

In 2020 I joined :BP_avatar2: Blueprint & It has been a pleasure to work with them all this time.

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I'm eVe MAXI from Hamburg, Germany 

From 2019 onwards I was a Clash of Clans Pro Player for Tribe Gaming. Ever since I started playing Clash in 2015 I loved the game so much and started thinking about little details, thereby getting better and better which led to being in the first signed Pro Team in CoC history 

I played in the 2019 World Championship where we finished 4th and I won the TH12 Cup with my homies from eVe 

In March 2020 I started my Twitch-Channel where I regularly show Clash of Clans content - either by other Pro Teams or with my own team and mostly TH13 (soon TH14) action! 

In June 2020 I joined Blueprint and have always been happy to be a part of this great project! :heart:
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Hello I'm FernanDON Games, I'm a Brazilian streamer 

I've been playing clash since 2013, in 2018 I decided to create my channel and bring livestream to wars.

I'm an official caster of Clash of Clans by Supercell. I went to Germany in 2019 to be the caster of the clash of clans world final. I'm a YouTube content creator and Twitch streamer for Mobile games! Official partner of Supercell. Official Caster: ESL MEISTERSCHAFT, ESL MOBILE OPEN, ESL MOBILE, ESL LATAM

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"Hi ! I'm Aurél, 25 y.o.  French content creator on youtube and twitch  

I've been playing COC since 2015 and since my beginnings on the game I have been passionate about the competitive aspect. 

In 2017, I was able to participate in the first offline event: The Clash Cup. In 2020, I joined MCES as streamer to broadcast all theirs matches (future TH14 world champion you will have seen it here first  )

In 2020, Blueprint gave me the opportunity to represent them on the French scene and it is an honor for me !!   "

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Hi. My name is Fada. I am a streamer who is active in Korea. 

I have been playing Clash of Clan for about seven years.

It's been three years since I worked as a caster. I've streamed several tournaments. CWL, LIC, EWU, GCC TWL CCC Holowiwi, CIC, EYG, WCL, Stephanie, Vertex, MPL, Panamericano, SA, Pinnacle, CCF, NCC, Union.

I am official Supercell creator. I streamed the 2020 Korea Championship and the World Championship. I'm use to stream in YouTube and Twitch at the same time.

:twitch: Twitch | :youtube~4: Youtube 

I'm Medda87 from Trapani :flag_it:, leader of Figliocci Club :figliocciclub: .

I started playing tournaments in 2018 and few month later I had my first stream on YouTube :Yt: .

This game make me excited to play and love to stream the best players in the world! In 2020 we get invitation to be Official Content Creator Supercell :creators: , Follow me if you wanna be always updated about Sneak Peeks and the Clash of Clans last news :WC: !

Don't forget to support me with the code VAMOS directly in game before any purchase! :heart:

:twitch: Twitch | :twitter: Twitter | :insta: Instagram
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