Chess Clash 2023 - Discover This Unique Collaboration

Get ready to experience an unexpected epic event like never before, brought to you by the teamwork of Supercell and
Chess Clash 2023

Hey there,

Chess strategists and Clash of Clans conquerors, this one's for you! Brace yourselves for a revelation that's bound to send waves of excitement through your gaming hearts. We know, we know – you're probably wondering, "What on earth could 'Chess Clash' possibly mean?" Well, get ready to have your gaming worlds collide in a way that'll leave you utterly captivated and thrilled beyond measure.

Supercell + collaboration

Picture this: a dazzling fusion of chess mastery and Clash of Clans brilliance – a concoction so epic, it'll redefine the way you approach both games. Yes, you heard it right. It's time to enter the realm of "Chess Clash," an unprecedented collaboration between two gaming giants: and Supercell, the powerhouse behind Clash of Clans.

Hold onto your seats, because the crossover of the century is about to unfold before your very eyes. Imagine chess grandmasters and Clash strategists converging in a showdown that'll test wits, strategies and pure gaming knowledge. It's not just a meeting of minds; it's a symphony of intellect, a fusion of creativity, and an ultimate test of skill.

But wait, there's more! It's not just about the thrill of competition. It's also about giving back, contributing to charitable causes as these gaming titans go head-to-head in the ultimate showdown.

So, fellow gamers, gear up for a journey that'll take you through uncharted territories of strategy, creativity, and heart. Get ready to witness the magic as chess boards and Clash bases collide in a spectacle that's nothing short of legendary. Welcome to the world of "Chess Clash," where intellect meets strategy, and every move holds the potential for victory.

What's this collaboration all about?

Prepare to be awed, amazed, and utterly spellbound as we delve into the details of this extraordinary collaboration that's about to redefine your gaming universe. The world of "Chess Clash" awaits – are you ready to step into it and experience gaming like never before? Get set to have your gaming souls ignited with excitement and anticipation, for a journey of a lifetime is about to begin. Let's dive in!

Syncing Minds: The Fusion Between and Supercell in Chess Clash

In the ever-evolving realm of strategy and imagination, a powerful partnership has arisen, weaving together two unique worlds. Chess Clash, an extraordinary event collaboratively crafted by and Supercell, poised to captivate both chess enthusiasts and Clash of Clans aficionados. Set to kick off on September 7 at 2 p.m. ET/20:00 CEST, this event not only promises competitive excitement but also echoes with a spirit of generosity.

The Grand Display

Prepare to be captivated as the event unveils its magic through live broadcasts on's Twitch channel and Ludwig's YouTube channel. Immerse yourself in the insights of renowned streamer Ludwig, accompanied by the astute commentary of IM Danny Rensch and the esteemed Clash creator, Clash With Eric.

Meet the Titans

Sixteen extraordinary individuals, each a master in their field, gather to weave a captivating narrative. Split into two teams, these creators represent the heart of both chess and Clash. With eight members in each team, four chess virtuosos and four Clash champions unite their talents to create a unique blend of intellect and strategy.

Chess creators:

Clash creators:

The Schedule

Mark your calendar for September 7, the day when the event takes center stage, starting at 2 p.m. ET/20:00 CEST.


Divided into two teams, each comprising four Chess creators and four Clash creators, the duos take center stage in this captivating narrative. These duos will compete in a series of six challenges, spanning both Chess and Clash games.

As these challenges unfold, duos will earn "coins" for their teams based on their performance. In every challenge, there's a victorious clan, a defeated clan (with the possibility of draws as well). Once the six challenges conclude, a Grand Finale will determine the ultimate winning clan.


A Symphony of Challenges

Challenge 1: Chess

Duos go head-to-head in a Hand and Brain chess showdown, with a time control of 10+5. The duo that accumulates the most points will emerge victorious.

Challenge 2: Clash of Clans

A thrilling two-round base attack extravaganza ensues. In each round, duos create their armies. Guided by Clash creators, chess creators deploy units. The stars earned after each attack determine their scores.

Challenge 3: Clash Royale

Duos dive into an intense best-of-three Clash Royale doubles match using the Mega Draft mode. The team that secures the most wins will claim the victory.

Challenge 4: Chess

A three-minute Puzzle Rush challenge beckons, with each member from both teams aiming for the highest score within a 15-minute timeframe. Every Puzzle Rush started within the 15-minute countdown counts. Rushes can be aborted at any time.

Challenge 5: Clash Royale

Duos engage in one-on-one Clash Royale battles consisting of two games:

  • Game 1: chess creator vs. chess creator in Classic mode.
  • Game 2: Clash creator vs. Clash creator in Mega Draft mode.

The clan that wins the most games wins the challenge.

Challenge 6: Chess

Duos delve into the captivating Spell Chess variant, featuring a 10+5 time control, adding an innovative dimension to the proceedings. Matches consist of two games:

  • Game 1: chess creator vs. chess creator
  • Game 2: Clash creator vs. Clash creator

The clan that wins the most games wins the challenge.

The Grand Finale

As the challenges unfold, clans earn additional coins based on their performance. These coins can be utilized by duos to add units their armies, where each unit comes with a distinct coin value. With equally-matched bases for competitive fairness, duos initiate attacks on the opposing clan's base. Guided by Clash creators, chess creators strategically position units. The battles unfold one duo at a time, with alternating clan attacks. The ultimate victor is determined by the clan that secures the most stars following the battles.

Rewards with Heart

Beyond the realm of victory, and Supercell come together to contribute to charitable causes based on the stars earned during the Finale. Additionally, the winning team will receive bots fashioned in their image, serving as a symbolic tribute to their triumphs, gracing the landscape until November's arrival.


As the anticipation continues to build, the upcoming Chess Clash 2023 collaboration between and Supercell promises an unprecedented gaming experience that transcends genres. With the fusion of chess grandmasters' strategic finesse and Clash strategists' tactical brilliance, this event is set to redefine the boundaries of competitive gaming.

As we eagerly await the clash of minds and the strategic showdown, one thing is certain: Chess Clash 2023 will not only showcase the best of both worlds but also unite the gaming community in a celebration of creativity, skill, and camaraderie. Stay tuned for the unfolding of this remarkable collaboration that is poised to leave an indelible mark on the gaming landscape.

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