Blueprint in World Championship

Didn't expect Blueprint had a team? Uncover the truth in this blog. Get the real story behind it and know how we secured the Golden Ticket!
Blueprint in World Championship

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Did you know that Blueprint is actually a contender in the World Championship? And guess what? We've got an even bigger bombshell – we've snagged the Golden Ticket to the World Championship as well. Let's unravel these jaw-dropping revelations and dive into how we made it happen.

Elevating Your Clash of Clans Experience

In the vibrant universe of Clash of Clans, where villages flourish and strategic battles unfold, there exists a realm beyond the ordinary. Welcome to Blueprint Base Building, an exceptional organization that's reshaping the way players approach the game. If you're a dedicated Clash of Clans enthusiast, you're in for a treat. In this blog, we're on a ride into the captivating journey of Blueprint in the World Championship and how it's revolutionizing the art of base building and coaching.

The Grand Stage: Clash of Clans World Championship

Picture this: the global stage is set, and the finest Clash of Clans teams from around the world assemble to prove their mettle. This grand spectacle, known as the Clash of Clans World Championship, is an annual tournament hosted by the game's creator, Supercell. It's a test of strategy, teamwork, and sheer skill, where the best of the best compete for ultimate supremacy.

The Golden Ticket: A Gateway to Greatness

In the tapestry of the World Championship lies a coveted item – the Golden Ticket. This is not your ordinary ticket; it's a passport to the grand tournament. Teams that secure victory in the qualifiers earn the prestigious Golden Ticket, gaining them access to the World Championship. It's a symbol of excellence, a badge of honor, and a ticket to the upper echelons of Clash of Clans gameplay.

Blueprint: Where Excellence Converges

Now, let's introduce you to Blueprint Base Building. A name that's more than just a label – it's a testament to ingenuity and mastery. Blueprint is an organization that brings together players from not just one, but several teams that have clinched the Golden Ticket and this makes us one of the best base building organizaions in the Clash of Clans community. These are the champions who've showcased their unmatched skills on the world stage.

Masters of the Game: Elite Players at BlueprintCoC

Ever wondered what it takes to excel at the world-level tournaments?  The players at these tournaments have cracked the code, have in-depth understanding of the game mechanics, are well-experienced and specialists of Clash of Clans, showing off skills that leave opponents in awe. They've climbed the ladder, honed their skills, and now they're also here at Blueprint – ready to share their expertise with you.

Blue Coaches - Clash of Clans Coaching & Pro Sessions

Unveiling Premium Services: Base Building and Coaching

Blueprint doesn't just gather the best players; it offers a gateway for players like you to tap into this wealth of knowledge. Imagine having a World Championship-caliber professional player building you a base as per your requirement that stuns opponents and secures your worth. Grab a Custom Base and notice how your defenses shower you with victories.

And how would it be to own a treasure trove of bases designed by several top-notch players? Well, guess what? We've got exactly that for you. Our Base Packs feature an assortment of bases designed by multiple builders. It's like having a compilation of world-class bases, but multiplied for maximum success.

Blue Base Packs
Envision receiving coaching from players through our Coaching Sessions who've battled on the global stage, imbibing their insights to refine your tactics which can take you to whole another level.

Grab your Golden Ticket now!

Our pro players go the extra mile after getting the Golden Ticket. At Blueprint, we're all about boosting fellow Clash of Clans players. We're lending a hand to those in the Qualifiers for the World Championship. How? We've got the TH15 Clash Masters Playoffs Base Pack, loaded with bases from top builders of the Clash Masters Playoffs teams.

TH15 Clash Masters Playoffs Base Pack

And don't miss the TH15 Golden Ticket RPG Base Pack, crafted by the genius minds at Repotted Gaming, the undefeated champs of Clash Master Series  and the Golden Ticket winners. !Quick heads up¡ – these base packs are limited-edition. Don't miss out, snatch 'em up before they're all gone!

TH15 Golden Ticket RPG Base Pack

Unlock Your Potential: Elevate Your Gameplay

This is your moment. Blueprint opens the door to a realm where greatness is within reach. Whether you're an aspiring player or a seasoned enthusiast, these professionals are here to guide you, empower you and elevate your Clash of Clans experience beyond what you ever thought possible. With their guidance, you're not just playing the game; you're mastering it.

Conclusion: A New Horizon Beckons

As the Clash of Clans World Championship continues to enthral and amaze, Blueprint stands as a beacon of excellence. It's a confluence of champions, a nexus of expertise, and a launchpad for your own journey to greatness. Take a step into this realm, embrace the guidance of the best, and witness your gameplay soar to new heights. The Golden Ticket isn't just an entry to the World Championship; it's an entry to a world where Blueprint reigns supreme.

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