TownHall 16 Sneak Peek #4 - New Troop: Root Rider

Exciting news! We've got something fresh - a new troop joining the roster: The Root Rider. Don't anticipate speed from the Rider; she's as slow as they come, Golem-slow!
TownHall 16 Sneak Peek #4 - New Troop: Root Rider

Hello Chief,

Greetings on the fourth sneak peek for the December 2023 update! Today, let's explore the newest addition to Clash of Clans – a fresh face in the troop lineup. Are you tired of relying on the Archer Queen to breach enemy walls? Well, look no further – a solution is here to shatter your opponent's defenses!

Certainly, there will be some latecomers or those who missed the Update, wondering if they were knocked down and are confused of what's happening; go take a look at our earlier Sneak Peeks to get up to speed!

▶️ TownHall 16 Sneak Peek #4

Few things are more frustrating than ending up with a 99% two-star because your troops got stuck on a wall, right? Anyone who has faced that annoyance knows the feeling! But, worry no more! The Root Rider is here to rescue. She charges into walls, smashing them like a battle drill. Explore more about her in the upcoming sections, and don't forget to watch the video below to see her in action!

ROOT RIDER is GAME BREAKING | TOP 3 Root Rider Strategies TH16 Clash of Clans Sneak Peek #4 Update

▶️ The newest troop in Clash of Clans is the Root Rider and it’s OP! With 8000 hitpoints, defense targeting and the ability to melt through walls this is sure to be the ‘root’ of all your defensive problems!

Introducing the new Troop: Root Rider!

The Root Rider is an Earth warrior, and you can enlist her by upgrading your Barracks to Level 17 at Town Hall 15. What sets her apart is her strong connection with nature; she doesn't even need to walk – impressive, isn't it? And there's more to discover!

Charging into the fight atop a strong tree root, she can break down walls and crush defenses to bits! If you want to quickly create openings in your opponent's defenses, Root Rider is a great pick, as that's her main goal.

New Troop - Root Rider

  • Favorite target: Defenses
  • Damage type: Single Target
  • Targets: Ground 
  • Housing space: 20
  • Movement speed: 12 (Yeah, too slow!)
  • Training time: 3m 40s

Town Hall



Wall DPS


Upgrade Time

Upgrade Cost














19M Elixir







20M Elixir

Keep watching because tomorrow we'll uncover the final sneak peek before the complete patch notes are released! Oh, and it's gonna be big, so make sure you catch it!

If you are wondering how to use the new troops & defenses, or what strategies will be the meta at TownHall 16, our YouTube channel & TownHall 16 blogs would be your go-to place to know it all!

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