Blueprint 🔷 January

Support us while you also troll your opponents!
Blueprint 🔷 January - Blueprint CoC
Hi :fun_pointsjump:

:calendar_spiral: ┋ First month of 2021 is over :fun_amongusdance:. Hope you guys had a great beginning of the year and everything is going well. We can't be happier about the awesome news related with worlds :clashworlds: 2021. For sure lots of good ideas that go in the direction of bringing the best show possible with the best teams in the world :BP_cup:.

:crossed_swords:┋We want to say thanks for the great support that we had with the new #⚔┋session_orders, we had already many sessions done and you can check what was the #💙┋customer_feedback. Really nice comments and @👷┋Pro Player also had a great experience, :cat_love: looking forward to keep growing the service with your help.

:gem:┋Finally after many of you guys were asking, we are bringing the custom :TH13~4: TH13 ESL Pro :gem: desings to all :bpb2: members. Those type of bases are for the most competitive players and important matches, since they will be bases that passed the hardest tests and will be focus on ESL format #💰┋design_prices. On these designs we will be sure clients feel extra confident to put them up against the hardest challenges. The x4 packs (pass test) will be only available for @🥈┋Senior & @🥇┋VIP

:cheese:┋We are Queso Cup sponsors and now is time forTH11 :th11:. We will be offering TH11s Queso :tools: designs for 12$ until the cup is over, so you guys can have some help getting ready for it. As you know BB is even more important for this type of tournaments and meta is always a bit different. TH11 Specialists at #🛠┋meet_pro-builders will be in charge of them.
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:Icon_patreon:CWL is starting and tomorrow the first 17 Bases of February will be up! Most of them are made to help you in :sccwl: CWL. The Winner of the Patreon Giveaway of January with a free :BP_logo: custom base is for @Clono. Congrats and thank you @🌀┋Patron for the support. The only thing you have to do to participate for the next one is to become :Icon_Patreon:, even with the lowest Tier. Do not forget to react on #🔥┋patreon-info so you are eligible for future giveaways!

┋We have a new :bpbw: Showcase base. TH in core of course so you can support us while you also troll your opponents a bit :fun_amongusfloss:

:dropblue2:┋We have a new add to the team, he will be focus on TH11 and TH12. Huge welcome to @Mech l Builder if you didn't know him you can find a little bit more about him in #🛠┋meet_pro-builders. Hope you enjoy it @here!

:trophy:┋ The MVP Builder of the first month of 2021 goes to @Gh⭕st | Builder, nice work :fun_pep: and the MVP Staff of the month goes to @Teemper | Reviewer. Congrats guys, well deserved and enjoy :fun_boost: We want also to congratulate @Zoro | PP Manager for becoming @🏘┋PP Manager He will be joining us to help you out when booking any of our sessions #💰┋session_prices.

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