Blueprint 🔷 February

Second month of 2021 is over. Check all the last Blueprint moves of February!
Blueprint 🔷 February - Blueprint CoC
Hi everyone :fun_pointsjump:

:calendar_spiral:┋ Second month of 2021 is over. Hope you guys had a great February. :clashworlds:Worlds 2021 is a bit closer :PeepoPogDance:, SC OP steeping up and organising the first competition with 40k prize pool. Let's warm up!

:gift:┋In the next days we will launch our :Iconblue_Website: website with amazing packs only available there :fun_amongusdance:. We want to reward our most loyal supporters with a complete free TH13 ESL Pro design, be in the lookout, we will be dropping the link very soon so you can subscribe to our newsletter! We will share a PW :cat_love: 1 week earlier for all the :BP_logo: Blueprint Team , @🥈┋Senior and @🥇┋VIP!

:youtube~4:┋The next thing that we are launching this March is our Youtube channel! :BP_OrphanBored: Now you can be one of the first to subscribe. :fun_amongusfloss: We will be posting exclusive brand new bases weekly there and many other things that will come in the future.

:crossed_swords:┋We want to say thanks again for the great support we are having with the new :BP_logo: #⚔┋session_orders, some clients did not know about BB sessions, so you all know that's also one of the sessions you can get #💰┋session_prices.

:drop:┋We have two new additions to the team, they both will be focus on TH13 :th13~2: ESL & CWL. Huge welcome to Bond | Builder :T_X6: and Locknuss | Builder :T_UOL: , hope you enjoy it here! You can find a little bit about them in #🛠┋meet_pro-builders, Give them some love! :blue_heart:

Blueprint James Bond
:Icon_patreon:CWL just started and this time is a huge opportunity ClashWorlds Warmup . The first 17 Bases of March will be up in hours! Most of them are made to help you in :sccwl: CWL.

:partying_face:┋The 2 Winners of the Patreon Giveaway of February are with a free :BP_logo: Pro Session and with a free :bpbw: custom base! Congrats and thank you 🌀Patron for the support. The only thing you have to do to participate for the next one is to become :Icon_Patreon:, even with the lowest Tier. Do not forget to react on #🔥┋patreon-info so you are eligible for future giveaways!

:cheese:┋We are Queso Cup sponsors and now is time for TH13 :th13~2: . We will be offering TH13 Queso :tools: designs for normal individual orders 10% off until the cup is over, so you guys can have some help getting ready for it. As you know BB is even more important for this type of tournaments.

:gem:┋The new :TH13~4: TH13 ESL Pro :gem: designs had a great welcome. Those type of bases are for the most competitive players and important matches, since they will be bases that passed the hardest tests and will be focus on the ESL format. On these designs we will be sure clients feel extra confident to put them up against the hardest challenges.

:trophy:┋ The MVPs of the month are here! :nitro~4: The MVP Builder goes to , the MVP Pro goes to :fun_pep: and the MVP Staff to Congrats guys, well deserved and enjoy :fun_boost:

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