New Product ⚔️ Clan Capital Custom Bases

Get a Blue Defense for your Clan Capital to dominate Raid Weekends
Custom Clan Capital Bases - By BlueprintCoC

We started multiple services with a lot of planning before anyone else, and like always others followed. But this time we have finally ready our newest Long Time Project.

This blog is a run through of what you can expect from our newest service and how you can benefit from it! 



:Blue_arrow: The best possible quality and exclusivity can be provided by Brand New Custom Design, and with our newest service, we bring this service at the convenience of your fingertip!

:Blue_arrow: We have put together the brightest Capital Building minds so you can sit and enjoy your defenses while your opponents waste tons of hits on your Blue Bases!

:Blue_arrow: Check out this YouTube video as a preview of the creativity and uniqueness you will get from our Masterminds -


Custom Clan Capital Bases - By BlueprintCoC

⭐We have also made the process as smooth and streamlined for you as possible; with just a few simple steps, you can get your capital base ready from our Capital Builders!

1️⃣ Click here!
2️⃣ Let us know your Capital Base requirements and our builders will come and build the custom Capital for you!

🪛 DONE! x4msch, Kalafatis & Maziar-TK will build and prepare your Capital base and will make sure to get the most out of it with their Unique and Mastermind Capitalist Skills!

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Blueprint Clan Capital Custom Bases


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