Looking for 🔍 Builder Hall Builders!

We are looking for a New Builder Hall Pros!
Looking for Best Builder Hall Base Builders in the World - By BlueprintCoC

We are Looking for Builder Hall Pro Base Builders! 

Hey everyone, we want to give the opportunity to the community to Represent themselves and evolve with the best Base Building Organization in the World.

We are looking for the Best and Enthusiastic Base Builder who is interested in evolving and joining us as a team!

What are we looking for in the Builder?

  1. We have Few spots open, and we want to find clashers that will become official Builder Base Builders & Pros for Blueprint.
  2. We are looking for the best of the best.
  3. Should know enough English and be able to speak fluently.
  4. He/She is an expert, and he/she plans to be versatile and upgrading moving forward.
  5. He/She regularly plays and is also known for his/her attacking skills.
  6. He/She plans to be active and grind with the meta.
  7. He/She has some Experience at teaching or explaining base building.
  8. He/She has references from other known clashers or builders.
Looking for Best Builder Hall Base Builders in the World - By BlueprintCoC

How To Apply

If you think this could be a place for you or you know someone that could fit. The candidates must open a ticket in our Discord support and post a good presentation. Only Serious Applications please, Thanks!

Our Team will meet and ask questions accordingly and will try to get back to you as soon as possible!


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