10% OFF ūüéĀ on all CUSTOM BASES

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10% OFF ūüéĀ on all CUSTOM BASES - Blueprint CoC

We have a big surprise for everyone!

10% OFF on all Custom Bases!

You heard it first, and you heard it right! There is no reason to wait now; open your ticket on our discord https://discord.gg/uRVMsWtH or order through the website:

The surprises don't end here because for each th14 base you order, you will receive ONE EXTRA from The New July Pack, exclusively made for this occasion!

These are the Extra Care Bases you would get:

  • Base 1¬†:Blue_arrow:¬†¬†ALFONSO -¬†
  • Base 2¬†:Blue_arrow:¬†¬†END -¬†
  • Base 3¬†:Blue_arrow:¬†¬†BOB¬†-¬†
  • Base 4¬†:Blue_arrow:¬†¬†CJ -¬† Asymmetric Anti 3
  • Base 5¬†:Blue_arrow:¬†¬†ELARRE - Creative Anti 3

:gifter: We will also run 3 GIVEAWAYS this month; the more bases you buy, the higher your chances of winning.

These will be the prizes:

 :Blue_GiftCard10:  A 100$  Blueprint Gift Card
:Patr2_Chill: 1 YEAR Subscription to our  CHILL Patreon Tier
:PExclusive_CWL:  The New  CWL Exclusive Pack of July

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