New Express Orders ⚒️ for Custom Bases

Buy one and get one free!
New Express Orders ⚒️ for Custom Bases
 Hey everyone!  We Want to present a new way of buying Custom Bases!


 :ca_no: ┋How many times have you ever wanted to get an Exclusive Custom Base only for you but you couldn't wait days & days to receive it?

:pandawaddle: ┋From now on You guys can use our new EXPRESS Service and get Your Custom Base ONLY FOR YOU in a matter of Hours!

:6250pepeparty: ┋And to celebrate this launch, we have been thinking about the best way to Give back to you guys for the amazing support that we have been getting since day one.

:gifter: ┋If you ever thought about trying out any of our Custom Bases, Now is the Time! We will be running 3 GIVEAWAYS between all of our customers from MAY, and these are the prizes:
 :Blue_GiftCard10:  A 100$  Blueprint Gift Card
:Patr2_Chill: 1 YEAR Subscription to our  CHILL Patreon Tier
:PExclusive_CWL:  The New  CWL Exclusive Pack of June
:HBbl_peekaboo:The more Orders you take, the higher the chances. And what is even better  We are going to have presents for each one of you, anyone that orders starting today till May is over will be getting an extra base, up to a total of five bases total.

:BP_rotating: You read it well, EACH BASE you order You Will RECIEVE ONE EXTRA From The New Express Pack, exclusively made for this occasion! These are the Extra Care Bases you would get!
Base 1 :Blue_arrow:  Alfonso
Base 2 :Blue_arrow:  Ruposh
Base 3 :Blue_arrow:  Bob
Base 4 :Blue_arrow:  Is K
Base 5 :Blue_arrow:  Marc
You can now pre-order Th15 Bases Designs here or through our discord.
If you want to stay up-to-date on the latest blueprint news you can check our website or the Twitter and our YouTube Channel.

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