New Loyalty 🎁 Rewards Program

Our long term in making Project to thank and reward all our Loyal Customers
Loyalty Reward Program - By BlueprintCoC
Hey everyone! L in Blueprint stands for Loyalty!

So seeing such a Loyal customer base, who always trust us for their defenses and helping them level up their gameplay through our Master Classes and Coaching Sessions, we have decided to introduce!

Loyalty Reward Program

💙 Every purchase will be counted towards the Blue Points!

💵 1 USD Spent = 1 Blue Point Earned Atleast

➡️ Level up your Tiers with Blue Points! Higher the Tier, Higher the awards and benefits!

  1. Blue Tier - Unlocked by default
  2. Brone Tier - 100 Points
  3. Silver Tier - 300 Points
  4. Gold Tier - 1000 Points
  5. Diamond Tier - 3000 Points
💙 We have also made it super easy for you to collect first points by just doing basics like creating an account, following our social media handles


Loyalty Reward Program - By BlueprintCoC

➡️ The Benefits and Rewards (Discount codes, Packs or even Custom Bases) to the respective tier customers will be as follows-
  • Get Increasing Multiples of points at each tier!

    Multiplier -
  1. Blue Tier - 1 USD spent earns you 1 Blue Point
  2. Bronze Tier - 1 USD spent earns you 1 Blue Point
  3. Silver Tier - 1 USD spent earns you 1.2 Blue Points
  4. Gold Tier - 1 USD spent earns you 1.5 Blue Points
  5. Diamond Tier - 1 USD spent earns you 2 Blue Points
  • Welcome Rewards for each tier! Get free Master Classes, Blue Packs, Essentials or Even Exclusives for free by climbing Tiers!
  • We are slowly working on even more rewards that can be availed, so what are you waiting for? It's time to Farm some BLUE POINTS!

➡️ The Tier Qualification resets every 1st January! So the earlier you earn a higher tier, the longer you enjoy the benefits! Also, a long term inactivity on the website will result in losing all Blue Points if the inactivity period exceeds 3 Months!

✨ You can manage and track your loyalty tier progress through a widget on the bottom right of the Website! Check out our Website now!

➡️ With that said, if you haven't tried a Blue Base yet, give it a go! With just one click of finger, you will have access to the bases built by the Best Builders in the WORLD!


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