New 💙 YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel launch we have posted 6 Free Bases from TH8 up to TH13, go grab them links!
New 💙 YouTube Channel
Hey everyone! :fun_amongusfloss:

Finally, we are launching our
YouTube Channel :Iconblue_YT:, we have been lining up a lot of stuff to make it the best possible, you guys know we don’t go halfway on anything, in whatever we get in we really really go all in!

We will be posting weekly content, which will include strategy videos, pro matches analysis, a weekly
Free Custom Design and much more!

We have lined up an amazing team of people who will be working behind our YT Channel (
stay tuned for the next video to know more). :fun_pep: To celebrate our anniversary and our YouTube Channel launch we have posted 6 Free Bases from TH8 up to TH13 in the video down below, go grab them links! :BP_OrphanBored:

As part of our anniversary tomorrow we will announce a special event that we will be running where 20 of you can participate alongside our Pro Builders & Pro Players, stay tuned for that announcement!

:PeepoPOG: YouTube Video:

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