New Official 🌐 Website

We have a big announcement today! We are finally launching our website !!!
New Official 🌐 Website
What's up, @everyone! We have a big announcement today! We are finally launching our website, we have been working on it for the last couple of months to make it the best possible.

In a few days, we will be celebrating our
1 year anniversary since Blueprint was born, so this will be part of our celebration alongside a special event that we will be running where you will have the chance to get involved, stay tuned!

On our website, you'll be able to find our regular
Discord offered services like ordering custom made designs, booking our pro players, etc but also we have introduced something new called Monthly Packs. You have 2 types of packs, the Blue packs & the Exclusive packs.

:BP_Narrow: Blue Packs are made for the average player who just wants to have a brand new set of bases every month to run in any war, a league without worrying too much about exclusivity. We have made these packs really affordable for everyone and tried to cover from TH9 all the way to TH13. :WebStarter: :WebLightt: :WebNavy: :WebSapphire: Bases are renewed every 28th of each month.

:BP_Narrow: On the other hand, the :WebExcluESL: Exclusive Packs are made off our extra care bases ready to be used for the competitive scene and they are limited to 10 People Only. Bases are also renewed every 28th of each month.

We are going to be adding new Exclusive Packs in the upcoming month so stay tuned for that! Also, don’t forget to sub to our Newsletter so you can receive a Free TH13 War Base! :Iconblue_Website: Thanks to everyone for all the support within the last year, you are amazing! :BP_inlove:

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