TH15 Base Pre Orders are Ready! πŸ‘€

Get Yourself a Blue Defense with the new Clash of Clans Update!
TH15 Base Pre Orders are Ready! πŸ‘€ - Blueprint CoC
Today is a massive step in terms of the defensive capabilities of TH15, with the Introduction of Tank Killer Monolith & hard overlook Spell Tower! Not just creative but massive steps in terms of Defensive Buildings!

Our Pro Builders will prepare THE BEST META ORIENTED bases for you after TH15 drops!

Being The Best Base Building Organization in the Game, we always provide QUALITY & BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE!

TH15 Custom Bases and TH15 Pro Bases! Order Now!

We are bringing All 3 Offers (Custom, Extra Care & Pro) to TH15, which means you can PICK YOUR BUILDER too! The First Base Building Service to start offering Pre-Orders since TH14!

HURRY!! Get the first slots and be the first on the list for TH15 Blue Base!
The BYETH14 discount code gets 20% off on your Pre-Orders!


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