Zap Mass Witches - Best TownHall 16 Spam Attack Strategy

Ready to rock Town Hall 16 with Zap Mass Witches? Learn the simple tricks to conquer any base. The Clash game is changing like you never expected, and we've got the scoop!
The Best TownHall 16 Ground Spam Attack Strategy

Hey Clashers!

We're buzzing with excitement as the Town Hall 16 Update in Clash of Clans looms on the horizon. While we're counting down the days, the sneak peeks have given us a sneak peek (pun intended!) into what's coming. The real talk?

Zap Mass Witches are making a triumphant return, and we've got the lowdown on how they're going to dominate TH16. We've sifted through the strategies that might just redefine the Clash meta. Get ready, because the clash of Town Hall 16 is about to get witchy!

Zap Mass Witch Attack is Back with TH16!

Who hasn't seen those Mass Witches in Clash of Clans? If you're like, "Huh?" – sorry, buddy, you might not be a true Clasher! Seriously, it's either you love spamming Mass Witches or you're the one gritting your teeth as your base gets wrecked by them.

Get ready to either crush bases or feel the annoyance! And hey, if you're on Team Annoyance, there's something cool hidden in this blog. Don't skip it, or you'll be annoyed forever in Clash! Clash on, folks!

We aren't fooling around! Here's a surprise: Know the other Best TownHall 16 Attacks. Let's see if you can find the other!

The Best TownHall 16 Ground Spam Army: Zap Mass Witches

If you're not a fan of complicated Ground Smashes, like the ones with Titans or Super Bowlers, and you're all about keeping it simple at TH16, then Zap Mass Witches are your go-to army.

Back in the day, this squad was mainly the star in lower TownHalls. But guess what? With those zaps getting a power-up (leveled up), Zap Witches are now the kings of destruction even at TownHall 16! Keep it easy, keep it zappy witchy easy peasy!


▶️ How to Zap Mass Witch at TownHall 16?

Sure thing! While we claim you can single-handedly master this army as it's too easy, we're here to guide you on tackling various base styles. With our fantastic tips and tricks, there'll be no stopping you from unleashing Zap Mass Witches – except, of course, for that occasional nemesis, the poor internet connection. Time to play the blame game with your Internet Service Provider!

ZAP MASS WITCHES is BACK at TH16 | Best Town Hall 16 Attack Strategies in Clash of Clans Update

▶️ One of the most famous armies in Clash of Clans history will return at TH16! With the new levels for witch, lightning, and the addition of the Spirit Fox, what chance do bases have at stopping Zap Mass Witches?

Against Triple Multi Inferno Diamond Base with Double Rage Towers

Our journey kicks off with a base that's enough to make any clasher break a sweat especially with Mass Witches – triple multi Infernos, double Rage Towers, and a fancy Diamond setup.

The video wastes no time diving into the action, showcasing the raw power of Zap Mass Witches at TH16. Lightning spells crackle, walls crumble, and a Witch army descends upon the base.

The key lesson? Despite the odds, the witches triumph, thanks to a clever King placement, a perfectly timed Log Launcher, and some expert freezing. It's a triple whammy against a seemingly unbeatable base, with the Spirit Fox adding that extra touch of Clash finesse.

Against Single Inferno Box Base with Poison Tower

Onto the next showdown – a base flaunting single Infernos and a little surprise, a Poison Tower thrown into the mix. The commander navigates this challenge with finesse, zapping and quaking, and dealing with the tricky Poison Tower.

An outer wall throws a spanner in the works, causing the army to split, but fear not! The Royal Champion, backed by a horde of witches, wreaks havoc on the enemy base.

It's a demonstration of persistence and strategy, proving that bases with single Infernos and a bothersome Poison Tower can crumble in the face of Zap Mass Witches.

Against Ring Base with Double Poison Towers

And now, the grand finale – a showdown with the infamous Ring base, boasting not one but two Poison Towers. Brace yourselves as the player takes us on a journey of zapping, wall breaking, and unleashing an army of witches against this formidable fortress.

Despite initial doubts, the late town hall approach emerges as the winning formula, minimizing the impact of the Poison Towers. A Royal Champion faces off against a relentless Ricochet Cannon, delivering a nail-biting finale.

Spoiler alert – it's another triple win, proving that even the most dreaded ring bases are no match for the revamped Zap Mass Witches.


While the sneak peeks teased us, this blog seals the deal – Zap Mass Witches are gearing up to be the rulers of Town Hall 16. Whether it's the triple multi Inferno Diamond, the single Inferno Box, or the Ring base with double Poison Towers – none are safe from the might of this reinvigorated army composition.

As the TH16 update edges closer, prepare to witness the resurgence of the Zap Mass Witch meta. Are you as amped as we are? Share your excitement in the comments, and may your witches create chaos in the most epic of battles! Clash on!


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