Best & Easiest TownHall 16 Attack Strategies to Know

We are sure! These 2 Attack Strategies are gonna be dominating at TownHall 16: Zap Titan Smash & Zap Lalo, check out how powerful they are and take notes!
Best TownHall 16 Attack Strategies to Know

Hey Clashers,

Buckle up because Town Hall 16 Update is dropping soon, and with it comes a game-changing update that's bound to turn the Clash of Clans landscape on its head. We've been diving deep into the sneak peeks, especially the thrilling first and second sneak peeks featuring the mind-blowing Zap Titan and Zap Lalo attacks.

Get ready for an electrifying ride as we break down the gameplay and spill the beans on the strategies that are about to redefine the Clash meta!

Know the Best TownHall 16 Zap Attack Strategies

You might be wondering, "How can we talk about the best attack strategies at Town Hall 16 when the TH16 update hasn't even hit the scene?" Fear not, we've got the lowdown on that!

At Blueprint, we've got our pro players with Clash caps on, and after careful consideration, we're here to unveil the attack strategies that we believe will dominate TH16.

The Math about the Best TH16 Armies

It is not rocket science, If you give it a thought, you can guess which strategy would be powerful. The rage tower got a huge nerf: the range of the defensive rage spell got reduced which means defenses have to be clumped up and what does that mean?

It's a party for the lighting spells or the zaps. The zap strategies are gonna be so powerful. Now, think of what zap strategies have already been powerful at TH15 even before the rage tower nerf. It's the Zap Titan Smash and Zap Lalo attack strategies!


▶️ The Best TownHall 16 Attack Strategies (Expected!)

With the update about to fall, knowing these best attack strategies at TH16 would give you the greatest advantage while others are just checking out the what's new and dropping their jaws! 

ZAP LALO + ZAP TITAN is EASY at Town Hall 16 | NEW Gameplay Sneak Peek #2 Clash of Clans Update

▶️ Earlier today we covered the update notes for sneak peek #2, which included the Ricochet Cannon and Multi Archer Tower. Now we will show some max TH16 gameplay and hopefully you will see as we do that the rage tower nerf has made Zap attacks (especially at TH16) even more powerful!

Zap Titan: Unleashing the Thunderstorm

Let's kick things off with the thunderous Zap Titan attack, a personal favorite that's set to maintain its dominance at Town Hall 16. Lightning spells are poised to be the real MVPs, and we're about to show you why. Picture this: a sweet Zapquake to kick things off, targeting the Town Hall with surgical precision. But wait, there's more – the new defenses, including the multi Archer Tower and the Ricochet Cannon, add an extra layer of excitement.

As we navigate through the base, watch out for the Flame Flinger doing its dance. The key here is the strategic clumping of high-value defenses, thanks to the Ricochet Cannon and the multi Archer Tower. With six Zaps and a Quake, we're not just taking down buildings – we're reshaping the battlefield. And did we mention that rage Towers are no longer the menacing obstacles they once were? The Zap Titans are in, and the base doesn't stand a chance.

Zap Lalo: Unleashing the Sky's Fury

Now, let's talk Zap Lalo – the game-changer. The smaller radius of the rage Towers is a gift for this strategy, allowing for more Lightning Spell value. Take a peek at a typical Diamond base with double rage – normally a challenge for Zap attacks. But not anymore. The smaller radius means defenses need to cozy up to fit inside the rage towers, and that's where the magic happens.

We won't pretend to be Zap Lalo masters (We meant Hooked is not a Lalo Master!), but even with a learning curve, he tripled on the first try at Town Hall 16. The King makes a return, the Queen does her thing, and with careful spell deployment, we clear the path for the Lava Hounds. Remember,  Loon got an upgrade too – making this already potent strategy even more formidable.


In the ever-evolving Clash of Clans universe, adaptability is key. With Town Hall 16 on the horizon, the Zap Titan and Zap Lalo strategies are poised to take center stage. The upgraded Lightning Spells and revamped defenses make for an electrifying combination that's both thrilling and strategic.

As we look forward to the new challenges and possibilities, one thing is certain – Clashers, brace yourselves for an epic clash of thunder and lava at Town Hall 16! The blueprint for victory is here, and we're ready to rewrite the Clash history books. Clash on!


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