The Unbeatable TownHall 16 Base with 12 Defenses

Unveiling the Undefeated TH16 Base that laughed in the face of 12 attacks! From E-dragon mayhem to a Zap Lalo showdown, this base is the ultimate fortress. Find out why Clashers can't stop talking about it – secrets revealed inside!
The Unbeatable TownHall 16 Base with 12 Defenses

Greetings fellow Clashers!

Today, we are thrilled to share the incredible success story of a Town Hall 16 base that has defied all odds, defending a whopping twelve attacks in a recent war. Yes, you heard it right – twelve times! We're excited to delve into the strategies behind each defense and explore why this base layout stood strong against various attacks. So buckle up, Clash enthusiasts, as we take you on a journey through the epic defensive prowess of this TH16 base.

▶️ The Unbeatable TownHall 16 Base Layout!

No joke! It's defended 12 times. At Blueprint, we have and provide lots of great bases, but there's one that's always the absolute best of all those, like the champion of the champions. Get ready to see this amazing base – we've got proof that will make you believe in its power!

This TH16 Base Layout DEFENDED 12 TIMES in War | Best TH16 Base with LINK | Clash of Clans

▶️ TK showcases his edited base layout for th16 so make sure you copy this link and run it before it's too LATE!!!!

Base Link:

Can you imagine being the last line of defense against not one, but two perfect Clans? Well, that's exactly the situation our base owner, TK, found themselves in. With a perfect record already secured, the pressure was on to defend the next six attacks. And defend it did, a remarkable nine times before the war's conclusion. Let's dissect why this base layout proved to be such a formidable opponent.

The E-Dragon Archer Clone Defense

The first defense we'll look at involved a unique strategy featuring e-dragons and an Archer clone, or maybe even a super minion clone. The attacker initiated a Queen charge with some well-placed baits, attempting to dismantle the base strategically.

However, the base had a surprise in store – a well-protected core and split damage areas that proved too challenging for the attacker to navigate efficiently. Despite the attacker's best efforts, the base held strong, showcasing its versatility in thwarting different attack strategies.

Zap Lalo Challenge

Next up, we witnessed a Zap Lalo attack, a popular strategy in high-level Clan Wars. The attacker employed a Golem, Head Hunters, and Super Barbarians for funneling. The plan was to eliminate specific defenses with targeted zap spells and then execute a powerful LavaLoon assault. However, the base countered this strategy with cleverly placed defenses, ensuring that the attacker faced substantial resistance. The Archer Towers and Air Expo on the sides added an extra layer of difficulty, resulting in a well-deserved defense.

Queen Charge LavaLoon Strategy

Our final spotlighted defense involved a Queen Charge LavaLoon strategy, featuring an interesting blimp deployment. The attacker attempted to pull off a perfect blimp value, aiming to eliminate key defensive structures.

However, the base had other plans, baiting the Queen charge and creating a challenging path for the LavaLoon portion. The dual-sided damage design came into play once again, with the attacker struggling to make headway against the formidable defense.


In the world of Clash of Clans, where attack strategies evolve rapidly, finding a base layout that consistently defends against a variety of attacks is a rare gem. The TH16 base we've explored today not only stood the test of nine initial attacks but went on to defend a total of twelve times in a single war.

Its success lies in the ingenious placement of defenses, the unpredictability of trap locations, and a two-sided damage approach that keeps attackers on their toes. As Clashers, we know the thrill of a perfectly executed attack, but there's an equally satisfying joy in witnessing a base that refuses to yield.

This TH16 base has certainly earned its place among the elite defenders in Clash of Clans. We hope this journey through its defenses has been as exhilarating for you as it has been for us. Until next time, Clash on!


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