Most Broken TownHall 16 Attack Strategy

Forget the old ways – this broken TH16 attack strategy featuring the cookie troop is a whole new ball game. Swipe through easy 3-stars,. Ready for a sweet victory? Let's spill the cookie crumbs!
Most Broken TownHall 16 Attack Strategy

Hey Clashers!

Gather around as we unveil the game-changing strategy that's shaking up Clash of Clans like never before. Today, we're diving deep into the realm of the Clashmas Cookie Rumble event and its star player, the cookie troop.

Move over Lavaloon, because this ground spam strategy is the new sheriff in town, and it's making history with easy 3-star victories at TH16. Get ready to swag the Royal Champion in every hit, as we break down this game-breaking tactic that's got players buzzing!

Most Broken Clash of Clans TH16 Attack Strategy

This cool strategy brings in the Root Riders, the special troop called COOKIE, and the special spell Bag of Frostmites from the event. Each troop and spell packs its own punch, creating a super powerful combo!

Check this out – the troop bar is incredibly short, just four troops! And the best part? Quick execution! Deploy the entire army in the first 10 seconds, and voila, you've got yourself an easy triple! Now, let's dive right into the details of this awesome strategy!

▶️ Broken TownHall 16 Army

You thought Zap Mass Witches, Mass Root Riders, or whatever you called them were the simplest attack strategies, didn't you? Well, forget what you knew, because the Clashmas Event troop COOKIE just flipped the script on Clash history! But hey, keep in mind, this troop is just here for a limited time, adding some extra fun to the game!

The MOST BROKEN Attacks Strategy in Clash of Clans HISTORY | Easy 3 Stars at TH16

▶️ TK showcases the New Most BROKEN Strategy in Clash of Clans so make sure you use it NOW before Supercell NERF it!!!!

CC: Titan + Yetti, Rage Poison
Army Link:

The Cookie Troop: Clashmas Cookie Rumble's Secret Weapon

In the Clashmas Cookie Rumble event, the cookie troop emerges as the unsung hero, outshining even the mighty Lavaloon. This ground spam strategy is not just strong; it's a force to be reckoned with. Imagine effortlessly gaining 320 cups daily using this tactic! But here's the real kicker – you can swag the Royal Champion in every single hit. Now, let's delve into the nitty-gritty details of this groundbreaking strategy.

Unveiling the Cookie Troop Takedown

Our Clash expert, TK, takes us on a journey through the strategy's ins and outs. The first step is crucial: funnel both sides with an ice Golem and two root Riders. Then, unleash the cookie troops, affectionately dubbed "Mini Pekka" for their undeniable might. Charge into the core, freezing spell towers, infernos, eagles, and more. The synergy is impeccable, and the strategy revolves around freezing everything in close proximity.

TK emphasizes the importance of strategic troop deployment, saving one cookie troop for potential cleanup. The Warden's healing ability, coupled with the frosty gear, keeps your army alive and kicking. Witness how TK times the Warden ability to perfection, ensuring maximum impact and minimal risk.

But hold on! There's a peculiar bug in the King's ability – an unexpected invincibility that adds another layer of complexity to this already formidable strategy. TK advises players to exploit this bug before it potentially gets patched, turning the King into an unstoppable force.

Showcasing the Cookie Troop Domination

As TK tackles various base designs – from top-tier bases to diamond-style layouts – the cookie troop strategy proves its versatility. Whether facing teaser bases, diamond setups, or ring formations, the approach remains consistent: calculated funneling, troop deployment, and strategic spell usage.

The diamond-style bases attempt to bait attackers with clever traps, but TK unravels the mystery, guiding players on how to navigate these challenges effortlessly. The cookie troop onslaught, paired with precise spell timing, leaves no room for defenses to retaliate.

Worried of Defending this Strategy? No problem!

Discovering an incredible strategy like this can spark excitement, but it may also bring about a bit of concern when you realize you'll likely face it. You can either stay in that worry zone or take action. Give our TH16 Custom Bases & TH16 Pro Base Packs a shot – carefully built by the world's top base builders, it's designed to tackle this event troop head-on. See yourself defending like a pro!

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Embrace the power of the cookie troop, exploit the King's newfound invincibility, and witness the Clashmas Cookie Rumble strategy etch its name in Clash of Clans history. Remember, it's not just a strategy; it's a revolution. Ready your armies, Clashers – a new era has dawned in the Clashmas Cookie Rumble! May your hits be three-star symphonies, and may victory sweeten your Clash journey. Until next time, clash on!

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