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The New TH16 CWL Base Pack 💎 Limited Edition is back with top-notch bases from our CWL stars. Dominate the upcoming CWL with our clan war leagues experts who have mastered the techniques of single hit format defensive style and showed excellent defensive performance in the recent leagues! Top Quality Designs: 5 Pro TH16 Pass-Test Bases: Built for the latest meta, tested and tweaked by pros. Affordable Package: Get 5 Pro TH16 bases in each one discounted package! Five Pro TH16 bases in each variant for less than the price of one. This pack is the most affordable way to try one of our highest-level bases. You won't be disappointed; these Five designs are built, tested, and tweaked hard.  Variants: Variant 1 & 2: Choose between 2 creative teams of 5 of our most experienced CWL builders. Variant 3: Both Variant 1 and Variant 2 combined for a total of 10 bases at a 20% discount. Blueprint also believes in giving you the best deals for every occasion! Get FLAT 20% OFF on Variant 3 offering both the CWL Limited Edition Packs! That means you get 10 World-Class bases to dominate CWL at the best price possible! Wait Time: You will instantly receive these Clash of Clans bases in your mail. Link, CC, & Name of the builder with his comments on the layout. Renewal: This pack won't be renewed, and once it's removed from the website, it won't be available again! Limited edition: These packs are made for the pickiest players that don't want to miss any of our most extravagant packs on the website. Why Blueprint? Because we are the best Base Building service providers in the market! With top builders from top teams and the best players from around the world trusting us for their bases, Now is your turn!

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