Website Packs:

  • Pick the pack you want, in some packs you will have the chance to pick Quantity between x3, x5, x10 and even x15. 
  • Your pack will be instantly delivered to your email inbox. This process can take between 5 to 20 minutes due to security reasons. Please make sure to check the spam folder if it’s your first time ordering from us.

  • On some products, each start of the month we will add new packs so they are updated and fresh for the next month. The old ones won't be available ever again so make sure you get them before is too late.
  • You can only get these designs here. The Blueprint Website packs are built exclusively for the website and not shared with patreon or any other place.

Blueprint Designs:

  • Place your order and pick between all the possibilities we have type/style of design, after that you can pick the amount of bases you need.
  • If you want to point out something to the builder, make sure to add in notes any specifics about your order, for example, if you need the base to defend 1 or 2 specific armies, etc.

  • After that our builders will start working hard on your base. The current wait time is between 4-8 days. Custom designs will be ready a little bit sooner than TH14 Pro Bases.

  • In the meantime, if we need to ask you anything specific about your order, we will send you an email.

  • Your base will be delivered to your email inbox when it's ready.

  • You can also order Blueprint Custom designs through our discord by opening a Ticket.

Pro Sessions:

  • After you choose the service you want, make sure to add in notes the days and times (CET) you would like to book your session, please provide at least 2 options in regards to dates/times.

  • After your purchase is completed, join our Discord Server and open a ticket in BB Services/session_orders. 

  • After that you will have a private channel at the bottom of our server, please provide a screenshot of the confirmation email you received after your purchase, make sure it shows your order number and the player you booked.
  • When you have your channel ready we will help you with whatever you need and prepare your coaching session with the player picked.

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