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:CCLlogofinalemoji: Hello! I am CCL FP Architect. 

This is my :patreoncoral: Patreon, if you have any doubt about which Tier could fit better for you just hit me up.

This is the :discord~10: Discord server for my Patreon :BB101Avataremoji3: where I have been managing designs for Pro players for the las 5 years

All top war clans have a base building team. Every clan I have been in I was the BB leader. I really enjoy this part of clash the most probably because I am a Spanish :flag_es: Architect in real life.

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Rising Star Tournaments

Rising Star 🌒

The goal of Rising Star Tournaments is to create simple and clean tournaments. The idea is to bring various competition formats to our community in a shortened version, all intuitively, without complicated rules. The special thing: You don't need to have any tournament experience, everyone can join! Whether beginner or expert, It is very important to us that our tournaments are accessible and understandable for all players.

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Mr Mutjaba and Stephanie CUPMr & Mrs Mutjaba :14:

Stephanie Cup is being held for the global Clash of Clans Community at large to help identify and grow talent.

I met Stephanie and she changed my world - I realized what love was when I gazed into her eyes and realized the whole world lit up for me.

The final will be played on the day that has the most meaning to me and I am grateful to all the participating teams to help me celebrate that day...

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